My birds was breathing funny

my birds were breathing funny they rolled on there side and looked as if they were having a seizure im worried because one died after the other we were not able to do anything cause the closest vet was 3 hours away could my dog get sick too.

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Feb 13, 2009
Birds died
by: Tracie

The only sure way to know why your birds died is for you to take them to an avian vet for a necropsy.

It sounds like something they breathed killed them. There is a huge list of things that kills birds.

Teflon is a BIG threat to birds. It is on irons, ironing boards, toaster ovens, ovens etc. Also the new silicone baking stuff can kill birds. Natural gas leaks often kill birds before humans even know they have a leak.

Common cleaners have fumes that kill birds. We use Pet Focus for all our house cleaning accept mirrors and windows. Even if the birds lick something cleaned with Pet Focus it won't hurt them.

Please look at our list of NonToxic / Toxic List also.

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