my bird's wing hurts

by Viv

what should i do? i suddenly noticed that my pet bird had a feather coming out awkwardly from his wing. it seems to be very sensitive by my touch and even when hes trying to groom himself. when he flies or jumps his wing short of goes into a cramp position (as if he didn't stretch before flying)

it seems that the bird is trying to take its own measures of taking care of the feather but he just yelps in pain every time. i've left him alone, thinking that he'll be able to fix it himself, but now i'm wondering if i should just cut it off, or would it naturally fall out itself

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Sep 10, 2008
Bird hurting wing
by: The Vet

The best thing to do is nothing. Let him take care of it. If you see blood like a broken blood feather, then take him to see your avian veterinarian.

Dr B

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