my blu and gold biting leg and feathers

by efren
(houston, tx,)

I just got a 5 year old blue and glod macaw. The previous owner had him in a cage outside the home. When i got home i notice he would bite his leg. I put him in his new fair sized cage and thought he would stop biting himself. He keeps on doing if. I don't think he was doing it before because his leg feathers were in tact and now you can see were he has been biting himself. He also grabs his tail feathers and tries to break them off. What can i do to making stop doing this?

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Mar 04, 2010
my blu and gold biting leg and feathers
by: Linda

If your bird has been living outside at his previous home, he could be eat up with mites which cannot be seen with the naked eye. You need to take him into see an Avian Vet in your driving area immediately because feather mites and other parasites will completely drive a bird crazy and bird will end up mutilating himself because of it.DO NOT USE ANY OVER THE COUNTER PRODUCTS EVEN IF THEY ARE IN A PET STORE--TAKE BIRD TO AN EXPERT TO BE DIAGNOSED AND PROPERLY TREATED AND DO THIS ALWAYS WHEN YOUR BIRD HAS A PHYSICAL ISSUE.

I do not recommend any birds be kept outdoors unless their aviary has been designed and set up with an expert's help. Wild birds must never be able to touch or get near a parrot outside, and rats and mice carry all kinds of parasites both external and internal. So outside aviaries are very complicated and expensive to build and use.

You need to take him to an Avian Vet immediately before this gets worse, and it will get worse. He also needs a cage no smaller than a 4-5 foot square or rectangle with same kind of room. If he is in a smaller cage than that, he will lose his mind as Macaws are big birds and have to have big cages. He needs to be able to fully extend his 3 foot wingspan and not hit anything on either side of him when he flaps them. Anything smaller is just not going to work.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say, and if your cage is too small, your bird will never adjust to it. You need to either buy one of the large macaw/cockatoo cages on the market or have someone build you one using stainless steel hardware cloth. Our cage is made by a company named HQ, and powdercoat has been tested in the USA for lead and zinc content and is safe. Don't get a brass colored or white as the lighter colors are always full of zinc as that is how the paint is made. Zinc is as bad as lead and kills many birds every year. Make sure that whoever you are buying cage from provides you with USA testing results on the powercoat paint. HQ is a Chinese manufacturer, and I asked for that information before buying. Don't just assume a cage is lead and zinc free because they say so, get the correct information BEFORE buying because the larger cages are expensive. We paid over $600 for our double Macaw cage that has a divider in the middle for our two Amazons.Actually, that is a very good price on the size cage a Macaw needs.

Thanks for writing,

Mar 03, 2010
by: Anonymous

Did you buy lots of wooden toys for it to chew on? Sometimes they are just bored.

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