My blue and Gold Macaw is scratching his eyes

by Jodi Streich
(Cassadaga NY USA)

He is really scratching his eyes with his toe nails and around the eyes you can see red through his white feathers. His one eye is cloudy but was like that when we got him but now he won't leave the good eye alone. What is wrong with him and how do I make him stop scratching it?

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Jun 08, 2017
To Linda
by: Anonymous

I worked at a bird shop for years and we took very good care of them. If they got sick they got treatment. My mace had this issue and it was from a toy he was pushing up against. It doesn't mean he's going blind....

Oct 28, 2009
B & G
by: Linda

YES, GET YOUR BIRD INTO AN AVIAN VET IMMEDIATELY. SOUNDS LIKE HE'S BLIND IN ONE EYE, AND THE SAME THING COULD BE HAPPENING TO THE OTHER EYE. It may very well be a bad infection, and if left untreated, your bird will be blind in both eyes. Please do not hesitate any longer to get help for this bird. Make appointment and get bird in soon as is possible.

If you purchased your bird from a pet store, be assured that if he was sick, they left him that way. They do not care if the birds are sick or if they die shortly after being sold. Sounds like your bird was sick to start with and is much sicker now.


Oct 28, 2009
Bird scratching eyes
by: Tracie

Dr B can not help your bird, because your bird needs to be examined in person by an avian vet. Please take your bird to see a vet ASAP so that he/she will get the exact thing that will treat what is causing this.

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