my blue & gold has a seed in his nostril. how can i get it out?

by melody
(pearl, ms)

My blue & gold macaw has a seed in his nostril. Is there a safe way to get it out or do I need to take him to the vet?

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Mar 12, 2012
Avian vets
by: Anonymous

we have an avian vet here in southern oregon i also have a good ol country vet he has removed a tumor from my Quaker told me my severe macaw had renal failure i took him to the so called avian vet ,I told him Jess didnt like to poop in his hospital unit ,he asked me well does he fly ? this doc clips wings on peoples birds and you cant tell if he can fly ? my reg vet had me take him to the specialist for my peace of mind i spent 670.00 dollars for him to tell me he wasn't sure what was going on, so unless your so called avian vet is truly that, i will take mine to my good ol fashioned country doc he told me it was his kidneys and the charge 19.00 the 670 dollars i would have gladly spent for my baby Jess but to be ripped off for the sake of money lets me know i dont believe in avain vets Jess passed peacefully in our arms thanks to our vet sad but humane

Editor's note: Sadly, there are bad avian vets but usually they are MUCH safer to use than regular vets. I my town several of the "regular" vets have killed birds just giving them a well exam. They don't know how to handle them properly, and they draw too much blood etc. I would not trust any regular vet with my birds.

Mar 10, 2012
my blue & gold has a seed in his nostril. how can i get it out?
by: Linda

You can try a light shower bath using a clean, never used plant sprayer filled with clean, filtered warm water. You can spray him from above and closer to his nostrils. He may sneeze and the seed will come out. If it has been in there for some time, it is hard, and Avian Vet will need to take it out. Take your bird to ONLY an Avian Vet because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and can easily hurt or kill them.

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