my bonded pet Macaws have eggs!!

by Karen Lane
(London Ontario Canada)

Hi my bonded Macaws have eggs! I dont know what to do I had no intentions of the this happening We had our B&G DNA and she is female. We were told that our Green Wing is male, they have been together in our Aviary for the past 6 years. Now I find eggs. Do we separate them or do they stay together now? Will they take care of the babies or do we hand feed. I just need to know what to do help please?
thanks for your time.

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Sep 16, 2012
Fertile or not?
by: Anonymous

Just because you have eggs doesn't mean you have fertilized eggs. If you do not want to fool with eggs but don't want to "kill" a possible baby, you can check to see if the eggs are fertile. If you wait until it is dark and get a very bright light. Put gloves on and hold an egg up to the light. If you see what looks like veins then you have a baby. If you don't see anything, nothing at all then you most probably don't. If you do have babies and don't want to worry with them, you can sell them to a bird breeder that will incubate your eggs and hatch them. You don't get much for the eggs but at least you don't have to worry about taking care of the babies. (Personal information removed)
Good Luck, Barbara
I hope I helped some.

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