My boy Ben the Caique

by Richard
(Pompano Beach FL)

We had(and still do) a Severe Mmccaw but my wife wanted another bird. This was in May 2007 by the way. My wife worked 6 days a week with only Friday off. On our one day together we would go to breeders and bird stores. I often went by myself.

On one of my solo trips I met a Black Headed Caique in May 2007 and really liked him. As a matter of fact I look at him and said "your name is Ben". When I told my wife she said no because she had decided we should get an Eclectus. Which we did and Sammy joined our flock that August.

But for some reason at the end of August my wife mentioned getting another bird. I was all for it and we did have room for one more. We thought about it and we would search on line and drive to breeders and bird shops on her one day off.

We got discouraged after a month of looking and while we drove home from Miami after visiting a bird breeder, I asked her if she wanted to stop by the store where I saw the black headed caique? She said why not. Now it had been 5 months and figured he was long gone. But Lo and behold we walked into the store and remembering where I saw Ben the last visit way back in May. There he was as cheerful as last I saw him.

By the way his cage was 14x14 and it had some seeds, water and 1 tiny toy for him to play with. We got him out still not sure if it was the same bird I met months before. My wife fell in love with him as they walked around the store together. I checked the band number #700 and I remembered I writing it down on the owners business card.

After we left we still were not sure what to do. I asked my wife to look through a stack old business cards I had in the car. She found the bird stores card and on the back was the birds band number I had written down months before. #700. We looked at each other and said "well thats that". Went back to the store the following day and Ben came home with me that very night.

The store owner was actually about to leave when I called him but I made him stay. Could not bear the thought of my boy spending one more day in his little cell. And now after 16 months he is a delight and the boss of the whole flock. We love him so.