my budgie died with a death grip on the cage

by katie
(muskegon, MI)

my budgie was less than a year old, and seemed very happy. he was singing and happy when i left, and weh i got home about six hours later he was dead on the bottom of the cage with a grip on the bars, and it was difficult to pry him off. he has a cuttle bone and a calcium bar but he never ate it...could that possibly be why? i try to keep the room nice and warm and he was never around any harmful fumes, and i didnt feed him things a shouldnt have. he got a seed diet, and some millet spray as a treat. what could have happened?

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Jan 13, 2012
Budgie with a Death Grip
by: Anonymous

Birds when they get sick, they won't tell you they are sick. It's why it's important to have them checked by an avian vet once a year.

Birds are typically considered prey in the wild. They will not always show when they are sick unless it's moments from death. It's instinct. Sometimes, owners like you come home and find they're feathered friend passed away.

Sounds to me as though your bird was sick, but you wouldnt have known that, bc he didnt give you signs.

I would suggest that if you purchase another bird that you take him within the first week for a wellness check up by an Avian vet to assure it's healthy. Then once a year from that time, unless something arises. Also feed your bird a pellet diet. Feeding a bird seeds as it's main source of diet isnt healthy. It's like you eating at Mc Donald's every meal. It's not healthy.
My vet suggests 80% Pellets, 10% seeds, and 10% fruits and veggies. Also I would suggest with buying the new bird, buy new toys, and tossing the toys your dead bird had, and a thorough clean of the cage.

People get birds, and typically never take them to the vet like they would a dog or cat. They figure bc they are caged, and in doors they'll be fine, But truth is, they need a vet too. One that is specialized in birds.

I am truely sorry for your loss. His passing could have been from a number of reasons.

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