My budgie died

by James
(Forbes nsw Australia)

My budgie puffed up for about two days then died what could have caused this

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May 19, 2013
budgie death
by: Alex

I am sorry fr your loss.

Budgies puff up for 2 reasons. They are cld r ill.

The budgie will have puffed up to keep it warm as it was ill. Most illnesses will cause the budgie t uff up, so there is no way of telling what illness caused the death.

The budgie may have been ill from a bacterial, viral or fungal infection.

The budgie may have breathed or ingested something toxic.

If you choose to replace the bird, as Tracie said, sanitise the cage thoroughly (with a proper cage cleaner spray) and make sure that the room is bird safe. That means no toxic plants or materials, no aerosol sprays or chemcials used in the room, make sure there is nowhere your budgie could become trapped or strangled by. Also, NO SMOKING!

It is very hard to make a room completely safe for a bird, and so when the bird is out, you should be in the room with the bird in case it gets in to difficulty.

Birds hide their illnesses for as long as possible which is a survival instinct from their wild counterparts. Signs of illness will show once the bird is too sick to hide the illness any longer.

This means that by the time we notice, the bird is very ill, and we have NO time to lose.

Next time you see signs of an illness with anther bird, make an appointment with an avian vet immediately.

One of my budgies became seriously ill with an infection and I had to get her to an emergency vet at night. She survived but was extremely ill. I hadn't noticed much apart from she was very sleepy.

If you need further advice, we will always be happy to help. So write to us.

May 18, 2013
Why did budgie die?
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. There is no way to know without a necropsy, sorry. If you had taken your bird to an avian vet the first day it puffed up, then the avian vet could have possibly saved the bird.

The sad fact is, most budgies are raised in poor environments and sold to big pet store chains even though they are sick or diseased. If a person happens to purchase a healthy budgie, then they do not know that they need to feed the bird 60% - 70% high quality pellets to keep them from having fatty liver disease or other illnesses.

If you choose to purchase another budgie, make sure you thoroughly sanitize the cage, so if the bird died of a disease the new bird won't get it. Then either purchase the next bird from a reputable breeder that takes their birds to an avian vet, or a store that has their birds checked by an avian vet before selling them. (You should get a well bird certificate signed by an avian vet.)

If you purchase a budgie that only eats seed, then read this Switching Budgies To Pellets article for help in converting your bird to a healthy diet.

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