My budgie has awkard vomiting

Name of budgie: JJ
Age: @5-6 months old
Where and when did I get JJ: Local bird shop on 5 June 2010
* We don't have any avian vet here in Hong Kong


About 2 weeks after I got JJ, he started to have sneezes with big waterdroplets splashing out. The bird shop owner advised me to give JJ antibiotics for 7 days. His sneezes was improved with no more droplets splashing out during his treatment, however, he started to make some 'clicking' sound and kinda like vomiting(seems were ejected out from his stomach/mouth). The bird shop owner asked me to extend his antibiotic treatment to 10 days and during these 10 days, the 'vomiting' still existed. One of the bird owners told me to that the antibiotics might have caused JJ to vomit and suggested me to replace it with probiotics. So I gave JJ probiotics after his 10 day treatment on antibiotics (started from last Thursday 8 July) but he had frequent 'vomiting' on last Sunday (11 July. I was scared and phoned the bird shop owner again and she suggested me to give antibiotic to JJ for 20 days this time and increase the dosage also. Now he is on antibiotic and I would like to seek your genuine opinion and advice on what I should do to help JJ combat this illness. Please see the link below so you could have a clear idea and picture on how JJ vomits. Many many thanks.

(Dr B will get the link, we don't post youtube links here.)

Brand of antibiotic: Avicycline C
Brand of probiotics: Avi-culture
Intake of food before and when he was on his first treatment on antibiotic: Higgins bird seed, Harrison's Adult life time pellets, apple/grape, pak choy/choy sum with either cooked brocolli or raw carrot, sometimes sweet potato. Spray millet once in a while and Aristopet Egg & Biscuit

Intake of food now: Just Extravital bird seed for parakeets, no more veggie and fruit

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Jul 13, 2010
Take sick bird to avian vet
by: The Avian Vet

You should have seen an avian veterinarian instead of taking the advice of a pet store clerk. The advice you have been given is very bad. You should never use over the counter antibiotics, especially for birds. They never work and they make diagnosing the problem very difficult and even impossible in most cases. Now your bird is worse and treatment is going to be marginal at best. In addition these probiotics are useless. This brand will not help your bird. There is only one on the market that is effective. It is from Natrene. You need to take your bird in to see a professional and get some good advice on his care and treatment. He is going to need prescription antibiotics, after getting blood work, possibly x-rays and other tests to diagnose his problems.

Here is an avian vet you could have found using the link on the Find an Avian Vet page. You can at least call Dr. Mauroo and see if there is an avian vet near you.

Nathalie Mauroo, DVM

Address: 19a Sun Lung Wai- Mui Wo
City/State: Lantau Island, Hong Kong
P: 852 2984 7484
F: 852 2984 1875

Dr B

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