My Budgie HATES me.

by Brenna

So we have now had our Budgie for 2 days and he will let us put our fingers on the other side of his perch but he flies around if we go any closer.

He is not tame at all. Will he ever be used to us, and what are some good training options for him.

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May 29, 2012
New scared budgie
by: Tracie

Your budgie doesn't hate you, it just doesn't feel safe yet. You are quite large compared to him, you know?

Sit next to the cage to eat, read etc. and look over once in a while and talk sweetly to it. In a few days, you might offer a treat through the cage bars and see if it will come for that.

Please read our training articles on our Parrot Training page for more help. We also have some health articles and please read the one about switching budgies to pellets so that your bird will live a long healthy life and not die of fatty liver disease.

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