my budgie hurt its leg when it had a fight

by bella

I bought 2 pairs of budgies on Friday,23, august,2013. there were 4 of them and the alternate pairs kept fighting always. today, one of them, had hurt its leg so badly and the cage was completely splattered with blood. when I bent down to examine each of them, I found that one of them had severely hurt itself during a fight for its food. since it has been bleeding so badly, I am panicked and I am seeking for immediate help.

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Aug 29, 2013
by: Alex

Budgies are very small birds and therefore have only a few mls of blood.

Budgies can bleed to death in a few minutes.

Any bleeding should be stopped immediately with styptic powder or cornflower over the bleeding wound, before heading straight to an avian vet for treatment.

Your bird will need to see an avian vet to make sure there is not too much damage and the bird may required anti-biotics to make sure the wound does not become infected.

It is advisable to make a bird first - aid kit.That way you can treat any minor injuries and stop the bird bleeding to death before you get to an avian vet.

There are a few websites with lists of what you should have.

I have one for my budgies.

Aug 28, 2013
Budgie hurt in a fight
by: Tracie

The immediate help you need is an avian vet in person, Dr B can not treat your bird over the Internet. Hopefully you have learned that you can not put birds in a cage together until you know they will get along. Please keep the birds in separate cages and only allow them to live together when you observe that they WANT to be together.

Often birds fight due to the cage being too small, or not enough feeding and watering areas spread throughout the cage. Please talk to an experienced breeder about these things, I am not a breeder so I really can't give any more advice.

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