My budgie is blinking weird?

Why does he do this. Before I would blink but keep my eye shut for a couple seconds and he would do it back but today I realized he is doing on his own and I don't know if its because he is not well or because I did it. Please help.

Also, I found him like 2 years ago and have never taken him to the vet is that ok? And lastly I would like to keep his cage in my room because I'm not sure he gets enough sleep at night because in the living room people stay up late. Please solve or help me solve that problem please! Thanl you!

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Jan 11, 2012
Is he sleepy?
by: Anonymous

My bird keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds at a time when he is fighting sleep.

Jan 01, 2012
My budgie is blinking weird?
by: Linda

All new birds have to be taken to an AVIAN VET in the first few days they are in our homes. Most come from pet stores or breeders with some kind of infection.

We also recommend they be taken to an Avian Vet at least once a year to be checked for any physical problems. When you have a bird, you also have to have an Avian Vet for them for when they are sick or hurt.

So, this eye thing does not sound right, and now is the time to take him to an Avian Vet. Take him to ONLY an Avian Vet because dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in taking care of birds and sometimes kill them with the wrong diagnosis and medicines.

Let us know what avian vet has to say, and thank you for writing,
Find an Avian Vet

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