my budgie is wheezing

by noshin
(brampton ontario Canada)

Hello their my s not dangeriouslyill atleast i hope not... ok first i will talk about why i didnt take him to vet yet my parents said its very cold outside and he might catch a cold if i take him.. anyway my budgies name is toby he is a male 7 months old his turning 8 months on sunday now here are some of the things i noticed that sounds odd to me... he started wheezing 1-2 days ago very faint light wheeze when he would take heavy breathes also most of the time he is very sleepy and is closing his eyes and would lean forward and fall asleep ONLY SOMETIMES he would actually tuck in and sleep but VERY RARELY almost 3 quarters of the day in his cage he is puffed up and when i take both my female and him out to play he just stands around and puffs while she play with the mirrorgetting active i also noticed he pooped on my arm a few minutes ago and i noticed it was very loose and almost a biit watery and GREEN! his poop changes alot like only a quarter of the time its normal but and hour ago he pooped out water and this time he pooped out green ill try and take a picture of him and his poop and also his unactive and very quiet he chirps sometimes but not as much as she does he doesnt eat much and sometimes he makes a lil sound like CHOO! it sounds like a half sneeze so plz reply back to me tell me what to do :(

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Sep 23, 2011
by: Madison

My budgie is just over a year old and he is wheezing and is pooing green poop it sounds like my dog when he's sad it's like Wimpering and he's also breathing funny it may sound weird but it sound like hes got a blocked noise or having trouble breathing it's normal mostly at night but I wouldn't know because I'm at school during the day but he seems to be pretty happy during the day very very energetic but I don't know what to do or what it is please help me

Editor's note: Find an Avian Vet for your bird.

Feb 13, 2010
thank you
by: Noshin

Thank you i will try to keep toby happy untill it gets warmer outside if i take him outside he will get cold my brother said he will try and take him by the end of this month or by march hopefully all the snow will melt by that time and the sun will shine thank you very much for your information i will try and keep toby healthy till then...

Feb 12, 2010
sick bird
by: Linda

As Tracie said, your bird is already critically ill and MUST be taken to an Avian Vet immediately.

You can keep bird warm on way to and from vet by warming up the car first, then covering bird's cage completely with a blanket or folded sheet so that air cannot get in there. Once in a warm car, you can uncover the front of cage so bird can see and have air flow. Do the same thing when going into the vet's office and when coming out and bringing bird back into the house.

Your bird sounds as if he already has pneumonia, and will die in a short time if not taken to an Avian Vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Sick birds need to be kept at around 80-85 degrees as they lose their ability to regulate their body temperature. Use a heating pad underneath cage, and cover top and sides leaving a little room at the bottom for air circulation. You need to get your bird warm immediately as the cold is making this worse. Bird being too cold may be what caused this in the first place. Birds have to be kept at least at 70-74 degrees at all times and cannot take temperature drops of more than 10 degrees without getting pneumonia.

So, let your parents know that they CAN get bird to vet for treatment, and that your bird will die if left untreated. Give no over the counter meds even if they are from pet store, and no home remedies. This infection needs to be treated by an Avian Vet according to what type of bacteria is present.

Your bird is relying on you and family to give him what he needs to survive, so please do not let him down as any future birds run the risk of also getting sick, and what will you do then?


Feb 12, 2010
Budgie wheezing
by: Tracie

I am so sorry that your parents will not take your bird to an avian vet. Dr B can not help your bird, it does need to see a vet. It sounds like it is very ill.

Since your parents will not take the bird to see a vet, please cover the cage with a sheet or something partially. Cover the top and 3 sides and even the top of the 4th side to keep warmth in the cage.

Move all the perches down low in the cage, so if the bird loses it's balance, it will not fall far.

Please encourage your parents to take your bird to an avian vet, and I will keep you and your bird in my thoughts and prayers.

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