my budgie isn't on my finger?

by jacob

Umm I think my budgie is afraid of me? How do I finger train him when he is afraid of me? HELP PLEASE!

I have a budgie parakeet(two of them) and I can not get my budgie to sit on my finger. We have had them for a month and almost two I would like to know how we could get them to sit on my finger. They will let you put your hand in your cage but get scared and fly away if you put your hand to close to them. I would like a tip or two at least. (but step by step is better)

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Apr 17, 2018
Budgie Will not stay on my finger
by: Lis

I have had my budgie for about 6 months now. He is not afraid of me at all, but he will not stay on my finger or sit on my shoulder. When I put my hand in the cage, he gets excited and talks to it and bobs his head....but sit on the finger..NO! He gets out of his cage every day and I spend a lot of time with him. He can fly around, and he is playful and happy, he has LOTS of toys.
My old budgie was the tamest thing, he would sit on me all day if he could. He would follow me around the house and actually come to me when I called.
I try not to compare, but ....I still hope to bond more with Luna, but it certainly takes all my patience and I sometimes think that it will never happen. Any advice?

Editor's note: Please read some of the training articles on our parrot training page for help.

Jul 01, 2017
Budgie Getting on my finger dilema
by: Sonia

I've had my male budgie for about 7 weeks now and he's eating millet from my hand but when I try and get him to sit on my finger, he flies away if I get too close. Why is this? I think he likes me but I'm not sure why he trusts me enough to eat from my hand but not know I'm not going to hurt him if I just want him to sit on my finger. Any comments? Need help!

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Feb 15, 2011
Same here
by: Anonymous

IM having the same trouble i only just got him three days ago when ever she seems to trust me she eats out of my hand but no matter what will not eat out of it SORRY that im no help im new at this cheers

Aug 05, 2010
my parakeet not on my finger
by: Hillary the 2

i try what you need to do i pt food on your finger and msybe it will go up but you eed dto be nice to it and don t yell pock it it cause the parakeet to be non hear you remember i hope it work i have to but one die now i have one it a boy and it let me touck it billy be hope it work

Jun 30, 2010
Why he is affraid of you???
by: Anonymous

your parakeet might think you are a unknown then they will think you will harm them.I know what you mean my parakeets do the same they are affarid of me to but I`m trying to get them used to me like get on my finger. I will show you the three steps by how to get your parakeet on your finger. STEP1 first grab your parakeet on the side of the wings ,STEP2 Then you try to get them on your finger and when they do, don`t move your hand or else they will fly away.STEP3 Then when you done step 1 and 2 Then you can play around with never give up and keep trying in till you got the hang of it.

Nov 26, 2009
comment on parakeet training
by: Hillary

My personal experience with keets is that if you have multiples they don't train well or talk. They are very interested in making more keets. Its very easy to tell if you have male and female. Watch those females, they are black widows. They kill their mates, their flighted babies, and other females. Mine lived 7 long murderous years, but I only got her because I couldn't afford to buy a big bird. She trained me. I have heard that single males will train and talk better than females, but I was more interested in the sounds of their happy voices filling the house than playing with them and getting bit. Just enjoy their beauty. Have fun.

Nov 25, 2009
my budgie isn't on my finger?
by: Linda

Hi and thanks for writing. There is some training material here on this site, so you may wish to take a look. It takes time to train birds, and the first thing you have to do is to take both of them to an Avian Vet to make sure they are not sick and are ready for training. Birds cover up when they are sick because, in the wild, a sick bird is a dead bird. While at the Avian Vet's, please have them clip both bird's Primary Flight feathers on their wings. This will allow them to make smooth landings, and won't allow them enough lift to fly. If you do not do this, you will not be able to tame them properly. A bird's protective mechanism is to fly away when they are frightened. That's what they are doing, and until their wings are clipped, they will not become tame and will not stay on your fingers.

So make sure they are taken to Avian vet for a checkup, look at some of the training materials out here, and also get a book or two about your birds, so you know what kind of food to feed them, what kinds of perches and toys they need and how to keep them safe.You are now responsible for their health and well-being, so get to work learning. There are no shortcuts to learning about the parrots, we all just have to jump in there and start learning.

Thanks for writing and enjoy studying about your birds as we all have to keep learning about our birds all the time. It is a lifelong process, so get started on yours.


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