my budgie lost its mate

by erika

my male budgie died. I'm very upset but I'm not sure if my female budgie is. Basically I had 3 budgies one male two females after the male started acting weird or sick the 2 other birds tried to feed him give him water and one of them went on top of his

I'm afraid the female that loved him the most will relize he is gone when she is ready to mate. She could die of lonlyness even though there is another female in the cage to I'm worried. What do I do?

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Apr 15, 2013
Bird lost it's mate
by: The Avian Vet

I do not recommend replacing the bird immediately. You cannot put a new bird directly into a cage with an existing bird. They generally do not get along. The existing bird will mourn for 2-4 weeks. I do not think he will die of loneliness, and if there is another bird there, then I do not think it is necessary to add a third.

Dr B

Apr 05, 2013
my budgie lost its mate
by: Linda

So long as the other birds have each other, there will be no problems. Budgies do not mate for life like other parrots, so they don't form the kind of pair bond the larger parrots form.

What can happen here is that you could lose both the other birds to whatever the male had. Infections are highly contageous and all it takes is living in the same cage, drinking same water and eating same food.

You will need to take both females to an Avian Vet ONLY to be examined for infections both bacterial and viral to make sure they are not sick. If they have what the male had that killed him, they will die too, and understand they suffer much pain before death.

So, please have both birds examined right away so they can be diagnosed and treated if they are also sick. Also make sure they are examined, diagnosed and treated by only an Avian Vet because they are the only vets licensed and trained in the care of birds. Regular dog and cat vets know nothing about how to diagnose and treat birds and can easily kill them with incorrect diagnosis and meds.

Let us know what avian vet has to say about your birds and please get them to avian vet's right away. Also clean out the cage using a bird safe cleaner. Putting cage in sun to dry after rinsing will also help to kill germs and bacteria on cage.Do not use bleach or any other strong chemical to clean cage up or birds can be poisoned. If nothing else, use hot water and some form of antibacterial dish washing soap like for handwashing dishes. Make sure it is thoroughly rinsed and sit cage in sun to dry to kill anything still left in cage. You will also have to replace food and water cups if they are plastic because plastic soaks in bacteria and can never be really clean. Use stainless cups or the crock kind of cups so you can clean them well. Clean off the perches as well and throw away any toys birds have that are made of wood which also soaks up bacteria. If they have acrylic toys, these will clean up nicely. If they are made of cheap thin plastic, throw them away.

The other issue here is do not put two females with one male again. Budgies and other parrots are not chickens and need only one mate at a time.


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