My budgie of almost 1 year died today

by Cherie

This morning I woke up to my bird behind her cage. She had been limping prior to this but thought she had hurt her foot. Normally she didnt come out of
her cage but she had been spending more time outside which I found odd.
She was also sleeping a lot during the day which she never used to do. This is the second bird that has fallen ill, both coming from the same pet store. She took her last breath in my hands today. Is this something that could have been prevented had I taken her to a vet?

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Apr 02, 2013
My budgie of almost 1 year died today
by: Linda

Your bird could have died because it was sick or injured and not treated. New birds have to be examined by an Avian Vet ONLY during the first few days they are in our homes.We also recommend yearly visits to make sure birds are doing good and staying healthy.

All birds have to be examined by an avian vet after any injury to make sure bones are not broken or other internal injuries have not taken place. All birds have to be taken to avian vet at the first sign of illness too because they do not get over infections and die from them. They suffer a lot before they die too.

So, in future, have your birds examined during the first few days by an Avian Vet who will diagnose and offer treatment for infections or other physical issues. If you cannot take your birds to an avian vet when injured or sick, please do not have anymore birds because they all get sick or injured during their lives.

So, even though I'm sorry for your losses, you were responsible for getting them medical help when sick or injured, so make sure you can do this before getting anymore birds or other pets. All our pets have to go to doctors when ill or injured, and this is not optional and is required by law in every state in the US. It's not just a matter of law either, it is a matter of loving and respecting your pets enough to give them proper medical services when needed. If this is beyond your financial situation, refrain from having pets of any species because they all require trips to vets from time to time.

The above was not meant to be mean or hurtful. It was meant to help you and any pets you may have in future. The above message is for anyone reading this too and not just you. So many people get birds and other pets only to watch them die from illness or injury because they won't or can't take them to proper vets for help. If this is the case for any of you reading this, please understand that you are responsible for any deaths caused by neglect, and all life is precious and cannot be wasted.

Thanks for writing,

Apr 02, 2013
budgie death
by: Alex

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your birds.

As soon as you notice something unusual or odd for your bird, you need to consult an avian vet.

Birds will act well until they are too sick and too weak to hide it.

By the time we notice, they are already very ill.

Check that your house is free of toxic items and chemicals or that they are not used round your bird. Keep the bird shut away when you are using things like cleaning chemicals.

If you have any questions relating to bird health and safety or toxic items or even bird illnesses and their symptoms, we (readers here) will be happy to help.

Apr 01, 2013
Budgie died
by: Anonymous

You didn't say how long you had either bird before their deaths. If it was a short time for each, there could be an illness coming from the pet store. Whenever you bring a new bird home you should always have it examined by an avian vet.

If the birds lived with you for quite some time and became ill and passed away, it could be something toxic in your home. Bug sprays, air fresheners, cleansers, scented candles, etc. should not be used around birds. If your bird ate something toxic while outside the cage it could have made it sick as well.

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