my budgie won't stop playing in my hair!

by Grace

I have a budgie named Prince who is around 4 monthes old now and whenever I hold him he beelines straight for my hair! He always gets himself all tangled in it and gets stuck. My hair is now a birds nest, not a rats nest!

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Dec 29, 2014
don't let your bird play in your hair
by: Mary

not sure if this went through the first time,sorry if it is a repeat:
don't let your birds play with your hair,EVER!,I had a terrifying experience,my cockatiel loved to play in my hair, this last time I felt him pulling it harder and harder,when I tried to get him out it was all around his neck and the harder I tried the more he got tangled,I had to cut a huge chunk out of my hair,and then hold him down to cut it off of his neck,I thought he was going to die!thank God he is fine,and was able to fix my hair with a horrible shag haircut,it will grow back,but I am a new bird owner 2 months and knew nothing about birds,he was my moms bird and she is in nursing care now,it was just a horrible thing,he was biting me but I knew I had to get the tight hair off his neck,oh the screams still echo in my ears,DON'T let them play in your hair,I beg you!

Mar 21, 2013
Cockatiel eats my hair!
by: Anne

My cockatiel, Sydney, is always biting off pieces of my hair and chews it! I don't know why, I'm thinking it is the protein or something? I have a lot of healthy hair

Feb 27, 2013
i need help
by: Anonymous

i have had my budgie 6 weeks and i have tried everything to get him to go on my finger and he is not having it he hides / but he will go on to my hand and eat from it when he feels like it and he then goes back to hideing again i dont no what to do .he is clever and i have heard him saying an odd word already .

Jun 09, 2012
my budgie won't stop playing in my hair!
by: Linda

The question you need to ask yourself is "Who is in charge here, Me or the Budgie?" You are being cutely manipulated by one of our feathered friends, and you must begin training your bird to stay off your head.

Begin by putting bird back into cage when he get in your hair. Say NO, and put bird back into cage. Try and get bird on the way to its hair nest. Do not lose your temper and do not get rough with bird because they have hollow bones which break like a toothpick. You also want to have your bird trust you, so treat him like an unruly child and take your head back. I'm sorry, but this is funny to me, though I know it is serious for you, so forgive me a little chukle!

Do not allow any parrot of any size to ride on your shoulders either as this is a perfect place for your face and eyes to be attacked.

There are some training materials on this site, and you may want to take a look at them so you have more information about training.

Parrots are highly intelligent creatures and are adept at manipulating their people. You are now "owned" by a bird, but you do not have to put up with an unruly one. Learn what you need to know to train your little bird, and from this moment forward, keep him out of your hair. If bird's cage has a playtop, then put interesting toys up there. If not, have someone handy with wood and tools in your family make a playstand for you bird so he has something to do besides get in your hair when out of cage.I think you can buy them already made too, so you may wish to look into that.

Let us knwo how this goes and there are other training ideas on the internet you may wish to look at.

Thanks for writing and sorry "You can't get that bird out 'a your hair!" Also sorry if I'm about to fall out of chair laughing--I'm laughing WITH you not AT you always keep in mind!


Jun 09, 2012
It's not a bird's nest...
by: chaydel

but it was a rat's nest. That is so funny. At four months your budgie is not building a nest, but, maybe, remember how nice he had it at 2 months. I am sure that you will be a good mon, just remember to feed it a balanced diet. Good pellets take that responsibility and worry from you. Harrison's small pellets is what I feed my geoffin cockatoo, plus fresh fruit and cooked vegetables. My five birds eat when I eat. It's a flock of fun. ch

Jun 09, 2012
Training bird not to get in hair
by: Tracie

You will just have to work on training the bird to do something different when it starts traveling up there. Please read the training articles on our Parrot Training page for help with training your bird a different behavior.

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