My budgies ceres keeps changing colour!

by Kate

Chirpy (young in this pic)

Chirpy (young in this pic)

I brought my budgies two years ago. Their ceres are changing colour quite often (blue to a dark pink and back to blue again)Something they are blue and pink. They are in good health. Eating normaly and are active. I was just wordering if it was anything serious, and is there a way we can find they are male or female without DNA tests? This hasn't been a recent thing. (It has happened ever since we brought them) Any help would be apprecaited. Thanks!


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Feb 20, 2009
my blue bird went from mail to femail
by: Anonymous

i had a blue parakeet that i bought in /2002.
it was a mail and did the same thing, changed collors from dark blue to pink to brown to light blue and then in /2005 when i moved, i looked in the cage and i descoverd that he was a femail with an egg in the bottom of the cage and his cure changed to white with still hints of blue.
in /2007, he/she hatched three chicks and died last year. when i took him/her to my vet, he said she was realy a she. so how can a bird go from mail to femail?

Aug 30, 2008
Budgie cere changing
by: The Vet

Cere color can change with fluxes in hormone levels, which change due to maturing and due to breeding condition. I suspect that you have two females, but I cannot say definitely without seeing them.

The other thing to be concerned about is gonadal tumors in male budgies. Male budgies can have cere color changes because of testicular tumors. You should have your birds examined to be sure of their sex. You can do this without the aid of DNA, they are sexually dimorphic. If you send Tracie a recent picture I will give you my opinion.

Dr B

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