My budgies for loose

by Audrey

My two budgies got their cage knocked over by one of my cats. The door was open a crakc and the cat got in the room, this never happened. The cage broke, so the birds fled somewhere. We didn't know the cage was knocked over. So we went to checka dn the birds were no where in sight. I just got them about 2 months ago. The heating vent was right next to wear the cage was, the heat is off, and can't get to any dangerious places. It's one big tunnel. It might get to the chimney, but i doubt it. And even if it did, would they be able to handle the outside weather from being trained as inside pets? Will they come back? Will they come out of hiding? Please let me know. I have heard a few little chirps yesterday night about a few hours after it happened.

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May 20, 2009
Heat Vent
by: Anonymous

Your fireplace should have its chimney as the outlet for any smoke. The heating ducts are something different, and your birds will die in there if you don't get them out. It will require taking the heating duct system entirely apart to find them. As for if they get outside, they may or may not be able to survive. Birds in homes with cats need to be in a room of their own with a screen door of some kind that shuts tight just in case they ever get out.

So, you may need to call a heating/air conditioning person out to disassemble your ducts in order to find the birds. They will die in just a short while without food and water as they are not as resilient as a dog or cat. When they die, they will start stinking up your entire house, so then you'll have to dismantle the heating ducts to get their bodies out, so plese go ahead and do this now and try and save them.

Let us know how you do with this challenge.

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