My bule-and-gold macaw won't eat.

by Benny
(St. Simons Island, GA, U.S.A)

My blue-and-gold macaw won't eat,but my avian vet says he's not sick,what do i do?

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Jun 01, 2016
b/g macaw 4yrs wont eat
by: mommy of 4

I have recently bought a b/g macaw i went out and bought about $4000.00 on food, toys, a walk-in cage and a bunch of different size stands for my new addition to my family. i understood that he was afraid of his new surrounding so i placed the cage in a corner so i could easy some of the anxiety. i place nut seed dry fruit and pellets in one of the bowls fresh fruit and vegs on the other and water in another yet he wont eat. he only eats if i stand back far enought for me to hand feed him and then its only brazilian nuts he will take from me. he wont take anything else how can i encourage my new baby to eat

Sep 13, 2009
how much food a macaw eats
by: Anonymous

my 20 week old b/g macaw does not seem to eat much i try different fruit and veg every day plus a good quality seed mix plus pellets, tried soaked sprouted pulses ,he eats but does not seem to empty pots etc .tried palm nuts, boiled egg even tried a chicken leg he tries most things but does not devour anything like i thought he would ,perhaps im trying too hard and he's spoilt for choice .

Jun 19, 2009
by: Linda

Yes, I agree with Tracie, and hopefully you've taken your bird to another vet. If your Macaw is very young, then he should still be handfeeding. If people who sold you the bird did not show you how to do this, be sure and never buy from them again, and do not recommend them to anyone else. Handfeeding is a learned skill, and someone needs to show you how. It is done using a baby parrot handfeeding formula and syringes with the longer end on them to make it easy to get it into bird's mouth.Macaws are harder to handfeed because of the active head bobbing they do. One must get a good, firm hold behind their heads. Do not hinder him opening his mouth, it is just important to keep head in one place so food goes into the bird and not on you and him (learned from experience). Had to give Macaw baby a bath when done because so much went on him instead of in him!

As for the vet who told you nothing is wrong with your bird, they are WRONG, so please take him to another vet. As Tracie said, birds do not last very long not eating as they just cannot keep their organs working with no food and water.

Ask the next vet to show you how to handfeed your bird because unless he is an older bird, he should be handfed at least supplements up to 6 months old or a little older. In the wild, mother Macaws supplement their babies 9 months to a year before they are getting enough on their own. Of course, in captivity, they can wean faster because the food is always there.

To recap, get your bird to another vet, if you have to handfeed, get vet to show you how to do that, and do some reading and studying on weaning baby birds.

Keep us posted on how he does, and sorry this has been so long in getting out here. I "lost" it in a sea of email.


Jun 15, 2009
Bird will not eat
by: Tracie

Dr. B can not help your bird. Find another avian vet today and report the one you took your bird to. No vet I know would say nothing is wrong with a bird that doesn't eat. They know it will die quickly.

Get your bird to another vet TODAY.

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