My CAG PHOBIC of cage

by Asif Arain
(Karachi, Pakistan )

Hi I have an African Congo grey he is about 4 1/2 months old not weaned. When ever I put him in a cage it gives a tantrum like won't get locked in cage.
Let me out by doing all this ( bury his head in the side and start digging like cat or dog
Flap his wings, jumps up and down won't perch in cage not eating in cage ) when out of cage
He picks up thing and try them but not in his cage even he don't go to his cage food bowls any advise for me.

How to correct this behaviour of him and how to wean him as for now he just won't eat anything instead of hand feeding by gavage please advise me.
Your contribution will me much appreciated
Note have changed his cage due to this behaviour.

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Sep 07, 2012
How to get him to the food bowl inside the cage...
by: Asif Arain

Hi thanks for the advise.(Did your bird CAG stopped doing Digging and flapping jumping in the cage as you said he is 17 month old or he still do that) I have another question how would I make him to go to food bowl on his own last night I grab hi, put him on cage perch and pinch his head in the food bowl to at least taste sum thing out of it...I think I did right the time what do you say about it...And when will he perch in the cage that's the big question to me myself.

Sep 07, 2012
My Cag Phobic of cage
by: Anonymous

It's normal for an african grey to be phobic. This is just part of their nature.

I introduce my bird to one new thing per day. Obviously making sure that it's bird safe, and that she is supervised with it the whole time.
I even take her outside on short spurts of 5-10 minutes and just sit and talk to her. Course my bird's wings are clipped.

My Grey just turned a year old and scratches the bottom of the cage, but it's not that she is afraid of it, it's because she wants out, and wants attention. Your bird is still a baby.. so to speak, and very bonded to you. You are the momma, and your bird wants to be with you all the time. I doubt the bird is afraid of the cage so to speak.. it's more that she wants to just BE with you.

You need to try to break that bond just a bit. You will have to put the bird in the cage, and leave the room. Once the bird cannot see you, she will stop. Or should stop.

I put a perch at the bottom of the cage by the door... I taught my bird if she wants out, she's to sit on the perch. Scratching only gets her ignored, and I walk away.

Just put the bird in the cage in short periods of time, and walk away couple times a day. Come back, praise the bird for being in it. Increase the time she's in there by 10 minutes every couple days. However Then train her to sit on a target perch if she wants out.

Far as weaning, I have no advise. As I never buy a bird unless it's weaned. I prefer that a professional does that when it comes to my birds. Dogs and cats I can do, but not up for the challenge of weaning a bird.

Remember, you're the boss, not your bird. You need to train your bird, don't let your bird train you!

Sep 07, 2012
My CAG PHOBIC of cage
by: Linda

Your bird should be weaned by now. Do not get another bird because then you will have twice the problems! Weaning is a process, and evidently you have not tried very hard to understand how it is done. We strongly suggest you begin weaning bird onto a healthy, high quality organic pelleted diet like Harrisons found here. Find information about weaning process on the internet and begin the process correctly. Do not feed mashed potatoes or any human food because human foods are usually full of fat, sugar and salt as with the potatoes. Feed only healthy organic pellets and do not feed more than 10-15% total diet in fruit and veggies because bird won't eat his pellets.

I also suggest you have your bird examined by an Avian Vet because sick birds will not eat right, will not behave and won't like their cage. He is big enough to go into cage now, and while weaning, continue feeding a few times a day with baby parrot handfeeding formula until he is eating enough on his own. The pellets can be soaked a bit to dampen them and make them softer, and make sure any soaked or raw food is removed within two hours as it goes rancid and will kill bird.

Do a search on the internet about weaning process, get your bird some Harrison's pellets in the Course Grind size and get started on weaning him properly. He needs to be in his cage and taught to perch. Make sure he is seen by an Avian Vet right away because if he is sick, he will die if not diagnosed and treated.He will also not wean, learn to like his cage and so on.


Sep 06, 2012
by: frankie

hi, i read your post and i used to have the same problem with my african greys his name is KILO, the scraching inside the cage is very normal mines used too do it all the time,, to get him weaned is simple it all depends how much formula you giving him ( sorry if i spell anything im trying) for exmaple if is 3x times adayy, you need to give give hime 2x 40 . he will perrch eventually , they can be clumsy, you cant control his natutal behavior is nature to digg , flap his wings remenber is like a baby trying to stretch.. run wit his head down, i remneber when mines used to do that ..hes now 1 year 5 months just got him a little frienda double yellow headed amaonz shes 4 months old shes getting her formula 2x a day 30ML she doest even take the 30 shes eating u can try sum fruits and just leave inside the cage they are very curuois. Dont change the cage so much they don't like changes a lot... I'm sure you worry about him not eating. But agian this is how I'm getting mines to get weaned I feed her in the morning and make sure she takes her formula 30 and after work 5 pm give her another 30.. I put fruits inside she trying to. Eat it I also do mash potatoa for her good luck

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