My CAG won't eat his Formula...

by Asif Arain

Hi to all of you my Congo African Grey Parrot won't Eat his Kaytee formula I use Gavage (Syringe Tube) to feed him but since last week he refuses to eat and won't open his beak he is almost 11 Weeks old and his weight is 499 grams and he wont eat anything from his crock too he just wanted to be out of his Cage all the time...
Suggestion are welcome from every one who visited this website thanks a lot take care bye

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Jul 15, 2012
My CAG won't eat his Formula...
by: Linda

Your bird is most likely sick and will die without the services of an Avian Vet ONLY. Find an Avian Vet

Also, if you are tube feeding this bird, stop it immediately. The tube feeding causes irritation and infection which is probably what has heppened here.

Feed baby parrots using a syringe, and for this size bird, you will need a 60cc syringe for each meal.

So, find an Avian Vet, get the proper size syringe and have the avian vet show you how to safely feed using the syringe. The tube feeding is for birds so sick they have to be tube fed and is not for feeding baby parrots as it causes many problems which you are seeing. Your bird will die shortly without food and water, so get him to avian vet immediately and get a proper exam and diagnosis and meds. Use only meds that are given by a licensed and trained avian vet as dog and cat vets are nt licensed to treat birds and can kill them with incorrect diagnosis and treatment.


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