My Caique is attacking my spouse....

by Heather
(Joliet, IL)

I have finally got my caique, Fido, to quit biting me. But now when I'm snuggling with my bird and my husband tries to kiss me, my bird tries to attack him. And there are other times where he attacks him. I have had other parrots before, even African Greys and never had this happen! At first I thought it was a jealousy thing but there have been times when he gets aggressive when he passes the cage. Any ideas would be helpful.

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Apr 11, 2016
caique hates me
by: diane

We got this female caique from a friend. She said she likes women more than men. Well a few hours after bringing her home, she was all over my boyfriend. I feed her, clean her cage, etc but when I walk by her cage she tries to attack me. She has attacked me a few times.don't know what to do?

Nov 14, 2010
Dont touch Papa
by: Anonymous

Well I think you are wrong because my blue and gold macaw I been taking care her sense she was a baby. She is 12 year old and I do the cleaning, bathind feeding and she hate me. that parrot only aloud my husband to carry her, you dont have an idea what is going in my house. I cant touch my husband without hearing her screaming a bird no.

Jul 06, 2010
Bird attacking spouse
by: Tracie

I had a bird that loved me and everyone, and then one day decided it hated me and only loved my husband for the most part.

Since my husband was the favored person, we used that to train the bird to tolerate me. The bird wanted to please my husband, so I would only try to hold the bird when my husband was right there, so he could show the bird his displeasure when the bird attempted to bite me.

We have more on how do train your bird on our Parrot Training page. The specific article where I tell my story on how we got my conure to quit biting me is at Answer for biting GC conure

Jul 06, 2010
My Caique is attacking my spouse....
by: Linda

Aggression is triggered by many different factors. Birds are afraid of people in hats if they are not used to hats or other unusual clothing. They are sensitive to smells including the poisons called perfume and aftershave. They are also sensitive to how people perceive THEM, and if a person has a dislike for the bird, this person will be a target until that attitude changes.

Jealousy is also an issue as is sex of bird. A male bird will gravitate to and bond with the female human. A female bird will wish to bond with the male human. In both cases, the bird will become super aggressive to the same sex human. This is only seen with sexually mature birds and not the young babies.

How to fix it is to allow the person being attacked to take over the feeding, watering and cleaning of the cage and play area. Special treats can also be given in the process of feeding like small bits of fruit or veggies. Never give birds table food or other people food. Get your bird on a healthy diet of organic pellets and go from there.

The basis for the husband feeding, watering, cleaning is that the bird's become more attached to the human who does the work of taking care of them. This may help to relieve some of the stress in this situation.He needs to take over this process for a long time as trust is built a bit at a time.


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