My child Lamb-Chop (African Grey)

by Phyllis Jacobs
(Durban South Africa)

I recieved Lamb-Chop for my 50th Birthday. What a pleasure, he was only 3 weeks old and looked just like a lambchop when he stretched his little neck up!

Well Lamb-Chop has been with me for a year now, and I have heard stories that the African Grey mimics sounds.... Well I dont think so they are so intelagent. Last week while sitting in my lounge I heard someone going to the loo. Aloud and to myself I said I wonder who that is. Well I nearly fell on my back when Lamb-Chop tells me "Mommy Zarel go make poo" (Zarel being my son!)Well it was my son in the loo.

My child (Lamb-Chop) says quite a few words and a few sentences as well. He is well loved by all in the house and enjoys hugs and kisses by the whole family. He has a cage which he uses to sleep in and his play-pen which is another cage with all his toys in. He chooses where he wants to be and has the full run of the house. In the morning he asks me for song (radio) or see (T.V.) I know he is spoiled but he is worth it.

If we go on holiday he goes with and enjoys new places as long as I am with him. I think he knows that I am his mommy and I know he feels safe with me. He loves his daddy and brothers too but he has chosen me as his pet. (I think he knows that he has us all just where he wants us.)

To one and all who own these beautiful birds enjoy them to the fullest all they want is your love.

well that is our story. I hope you enjoy.

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Sep 16, 2009
Lamb Chop
by: Linda

I am very pleased that you love your bird so much and are taking such good care of him.

My only constructive criticism is that he should not have the run of the house as houses and all that is in them can be and are dangerous places for little ones like Lamb Chop. Many, many birds have been injured or killed with free access to the house, so you may wish to let him play out when you are around and in the same room with him and keep him away from the kitchen, bathrooms and/or other parts of the house you are not in same time he is. Parrots have the emotional and mental development of roughly a 4-5 year old human, and you would not give a 4-5 year old the run of the neighborhood for fear they could be hurt. Same with the parrots as they are very small and don't think about what they are doing or eating, they just do it.

As he ages, he will change some too. Parrots are wild animals and will remain true to their natures. As sexual maturity approaches and becomes reality, they change accordingly. Males will normally attach to the females in the home while the females will attach to males in household. This does not mean you will not be able to play with and love your bird, it will simply mean that he/she is grown up now and will have preferences in all things.

Spoiling is okay if you keep in mind that your bird WILL GROW UP AND ANYTHING HE/SHE IS ALLOWED TO DO NOW, HE/SHE WILL WANT TO DO THEN PLUS SOME THINGS YOU HAVE NOT THOUGHT OF YET. If you think flying wildly all over the house is cute now, wait until you have a grown bird who does not like someone in your household or a visitor. A bird that has never had limits set for him can become a dangerous being at maturity.

I'm not trying to take away from your love for your bird. Just start learning to understand how birds think and WHO they may be when grown. Since birds are still very much wild, they can become dangerous to you and others if you do not start teaching some rules to live by. Babies are always so cute, and sometimes people let them do whatever they want whenever they want it. This will cause you grief as he grows and matures. Set limits on where he can go and what he and do NOw or you are in for a rude awakening later on.

Loving and spoiling birds, are two different things. Loving means teaching how to behave, what the rules are and setting limits. There is some very good parrot training material out here and other places on the internet. Take a look at them, and start working with your bird so he learns how to be a good birdie citizen.They involve teaching them how to behave in all situations. Your bond will grow when you start teaching him to do new things, and he will look up to you with love AND respect. YOU ARE ALSO GOING TO LEARN A LOT FROM HIM TOO.

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