My cockateil clown

by John

I have a cockateil that was rescued from a non-loving home 8 months ago, when I got her she looked bad and was always scared, took me 3 months of training to get her finger trained, and now I call her my pirate bird , she loves my shoulder, and latley she really seems to love when I blow on her feathers, she opens both wings when I do it so I can blow under her wings,and she fluffs up all her feathers , she expects it all the time and there is no problem doing it ,my ? is why does she like this so much? I think it is because it blows off the dander, or it is just our fun little game,I dont know, but what I do know is she is quite a loving and tame bird,that didnt deserve to be where she was at.

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Jul 15, 2011
My cockateil clown
by: Linda

Your story is heartwarming and it is a great thing you've done by taking her in and working with her! Cockies are some of the most loving and fun birds around, and the thought of someone hurting one of them just does not come into my understanding. It must take a very small person to hurt a little bird like this one or any of them for that matter. They are virtually defenseless, so a coward is the only kind of person who would hurt them. I don't feel sorry for those people, and I do feel that they need to be in jail paying very high fines for what they've done.

If you know of someone hurting or neglecting either birds or other animals, make sure you very quietly let the proper authorities know. This is usually a local Humane Society or other animal rescue group running a no kill shelter. Always request that your report is anonymous and that you are just concerned about the birds or animals.

If we all join together in this, we can work in our own neighborhoods to put a stop to abusive/neglectful people having pets and children for that matter. People who abuse/neglect animals are also doing the same to their own children, and these are people who need to get a loud and clear message that we will not tolerate this for any reason.

Thanks again for your wonderful letter and am so happy this little bird has found someone who appreciates how beautiful and exciting she has been all the time! Take Care and God Bless,


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