My flakes

by Merete

Hi My name is Merete and My cockateil Chico is about 10 mounths old. I bought him at a pet stor and he has been doing fine until i got Arabella my african grey. Chico started plucking his feathers and i am soon going to get them cages where they wont have to see each other, i was hoping that that would put a stop to the plucking.

But when Chico sits in the window (My bed is under the window.) i come back in the room and look at the pillows and find little feathers and skin flakes all over the pillow. I know the small feathers are normal but i have never seen him shake of skin flakes before! it is really starting to worrie me this has been going on for about a week and i have given him 3 aloe bathes.

I dont know what to do do you have any tips? :( I will take him the the Avian vet if i need to but here in Norway it costs ALOT so i would like it if there was somthing i could try to do at home instead of taking him the the vet. I could send you a pic, but it would just be a pic of dead skin flakes. Please help me...

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Nov 28, 2011
Cockatiel with bird dander
by: Tracie

Yes, you must separate these birds right away, you are correct.

The bird dander is perfectly normal, as is losing some feathers as long as you don't see bald spots on the birds.

Both cockatiels and African greys have a LOT of bird dander.

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