My cockatiel always loses her tail?

by Cosmina
(Laval, Quebec, Canada)

My bird with no tail

My bird with no tail

Each time that her tail grows back, she managed to rip it and I end up with a cockatiel with no tail. Do we have to go to the vet or does she simply does not like having a tail. When she grooms herself, she rips her tail. I see other cockatiels who have beautiful long tails. Please help!

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Mar 02, 2018
tail feathers
by: biggy b

My cockatiel also has lost it's tail feathers and its very healthy i feed it well it has a decent size cage and is always happy and energetic and also had fluffy feathers what do i do?

Jul 31, 2013
Bird losing tail feathers
by: The Avian Vet

What size cage is your bird in? It should be at least 20x20. If not, then it is too small and can affect the feathers. Your bird may have nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. You should be feeding 80% pellets, 20% treats. Your bird could have a behavioral problem or may be sick. I recommend that out take him to see an avian veterinary specialist.

Dr B
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Jul 30, 2013
cockateil with no tail
by: Alex

There is a reason she is pulling out her tail. This may be behavioral or a sign of illness.

I would suggest taking her to an avian vet who can work out what is causing her to rip out her tail feathers.

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