My cockatiel frank

by Prabh Bajwa
(jagdalpur,chattisgarh, india............)

i got my cocktiel after one year requesting to my parents.Finaly i got a female cockatiel .i gave him name FRANK.she is very cute buddy,whan she wants to come out of the cage she just make a cute noise infront of the big door.when i open the gate she just fly off to my shoulders and play with my hairs and ears as well as with my laptop.
when she get's bore she flyies off to the the window.i close the window but she likes to see designs on it.
She also climb on covers of window.

On november 24th 2012 she laid her first egg,On feburary 5th she lays her second egg and on 7th feburary 2012 she laid the third and fourth egg.I am so happy.

I do not clipp my cockatiel wings because she can fly to do exercise and when she sat on the bed i show him a piece of watermelon or sunflower seeds and she flys of too me and enjoy.
she is just excellent........................