My Cockatiel Harvey has no leg

by Karen

My cockatiels live inside and outside my house. The other night I was woken up by screeches and wing flapping in the bird cage outside. I went out there to find both my cockatiels had been attacked by some animal pulling them through the cage wire. Jimmy is OK a small scratch to his wing and missing tail feathers. However Harvey was pretty hard done by. All her tail feathers are gone, and her right leg is completly gone as is her longest toe on her left. Fortunately no damage to there torso. The wounds are looking clean. Obvioulsy both are a little startled but are now eating/drinking/pruning. My big question is ... Is there anything a can do/get to help my baby girl Harvey with only one leg? She still tries to fly however crash lands cause of poor balance. Will she learn to adapt or should I say goodbye? Regards

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Jan 31, 2017
one leg hero
by: Anonymous

I also have a cockatiel with one leg. He's now adapted to surviving with one leg, and most of the time he is sitting on the ladder (which is positioned at an angle). He usually sleeps on the ladder, probably to rest his weight on his one leg and balance at the same time. But I have to make sure all the perches are near the sides of the cage so he can have easy access to the bars of the cage and use his beak to help him climb up or down. But ever since I've placed the ladder, he has been using it for most of his mobility.

Apr 28, 2016
My cockatiel Charlie
by: Anonymous

i was given a cockatiel with only one leg and he has been fine. He seems to have adapted.
He flies around when I let him out of the cage.
He sits on his perch or on his ladder.

Sep 12, 2013
How did Harvey adapt to his new life?
by: Anonymous

I know this is an old thread, but perhaps you still check it from time to time?

I was wondering how Harvey is doing, do you still have him?

Well, we have a cockatiel who lost her leg in a similar way. She's well now, stronger every day, but absolutely refuses to stand on perches; she likes ladders, though.

I'd be really interested in finding out what worked for Harvey, we might get an idea or two.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Sep 19, 2009
progress on my poor babies
by: karen

Thanks for your advice. yes I have taken them both to the vet and have given them a dose of antibiotics. The wounds are healed and feathers just need to regrow and looking good. I have also implemented some patio perches and ramps for Harvey in her cage and she is getting around much better. It is still sad to see her get around like she does. But she still has her same little personality. Both are eating and drinking and pruning well. Thanks again Linda for your help.

Sep 16, 2009
Poor Harvey
by: Linda

First, I would suggest you never leave them alone outside again as it is a miracle either one is alive.

As for Harvey, if she was just missing the leg, I think she could adapt. The problem is missing the long toe on other foot as well will keep her from being able to sit a perch.This DOES NOT MEAN SHE HAS TO DIE, JUST THAT HER LIFE HAS NOW CHANGED COMPLETELY FROM WHAT IT WAS BEFORE.

You MUST TAKE BOTH THESE BIRDS INTO AN AVIAN VET IN YOUR AREA. Very bad and deadly infections can be post attack, and if that happens, you will lose both birds without a doubt.

So please take both in so vet can start some antibiotics to combat the infection that is now running through their bloodstreams. Your Harvey and her friend have survived a terrible assault, please don't let them die because of lack of treatment. Harvey will be special needs for rest of her life. If you love her and are willing to commit to helping her adjust, do so. If not, have her euthanized.

Regardless of what you decide about Harvey, your other bird will also die if left untreated. Mammals inflict wounds and tons of deadly bacteria at the same time.



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