My cockatiel has dirrhea

by Rania

My 4 month old cockatiel is sneezing and has diarrhea could it caught my cold?

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Jun 03, 2009
Cockatiel with loose droppings
by: The Vet

It is sick and needs to be seen by a avian veterinarian.

Dr B

May 31, 2009
To the Vet We Go!
by: Linda

I agree with Traci, your bird needs to see an Avian vet as soon as is possible as this is a full out infection and will not go away without proper diagnosis and treatment from a qualified Avian vet.

Birds do not have the kinds of bacteria, in their bodes, that we and dogs, cats, and most other creatures have. When we are sick with a cold or flu, sneezing has to be done into kleenix, hands washed immediately and often, and a mask is necessary when feeding and watering them. Birds can very easily become infected with our germs from negative bacteria. The masks I spoke of are the ones you buy when you are going to paint or use chemicals of some kind and have rubber bands on them so they go over your head to secure the mask over your nose and mouth. If we are sick, just breathing on our birds can make them sick also.

Right now, just get your bird to vet for diagnosis and treatment. Take proper precautions so that bird does not become reinfected once it is over this one. Being extra careful about not openly sneezing or coughing, washing hands a lot and masking up when caring for bird will help it not be reinfected once it is well from meds vet will give you.

It is awful to be so sick and have one of our pets sick too, so our hearts and good wishes are with you both. Ask a friend or relative to drive you if possible, and have them drive you to get the masks as well. Hope you both feel better soon!

May 31, 2009
Cockatiel with loose droppings
by: Tracie

Whether or not he caught your cold I do not know. But I do know you need to get the bird to an avian vet ASAP to find out what the cause is and get the proper treatment.

Please make an appointment soon.

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