my cockatiel is bald

Hey PLEASE reply! I found your email from your website i really need your help. I tried to google my problem but i cant seem to find an answer. I bought a white cockatiel 2 days ago hes 1.5 month old (thats what the owner told me) First of all he doesnt have that orange-ish spot on his cheek, sorry i dont know much about birds and he ALSO DOESNT HAVE FEATHERS AROUND HIS FACE. Thats what bothering me the most. Hes either screaming all the time or sleeping with his face tucked back in his feather. His eyes are watery most of the time and seem sad to me. Im really worries pls tell me what to do ill be very thankful to u alsoo his poop is not normal its liquidy

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May 09, 2016
Bird needs an avian vet ASAP
by: Tracie

The ONLY way to know what is wrong and get the exact treatment you bird needs, is to go to an avian vet, not a dog/cat vet. Please find an avian vet, you can call your breeder and find out who they take their birds to.

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