my cockatiel just laid an egg yersterday

by tom
(vernon ct)

my cockatiel just laid an egg yersterday and i found it empty in the morning. what could it happend other than they broke it ? it had a big hole in it....

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Jun 09, 2011
my cockatiel just laid an egg yersterday
by: Linda

Make sure you remove any more eggs that are laid because she/they are eating the contents which does not bode well for breeding.

If an infertile eggs stands at room temperature too long, it becomes spoiled which can poison your birds, so pull anymore eggs and throw them away. If she continues to lay, remove male from cage and put in separate cage, remove nestbox and see if she will come back to earth and stop laying. Some birds are hatched from eggs using incubators, handfed from moment one, then they imprint to humans and do not have a clue as to who or what they are. An egg would look like a special treat she produced for them. I did have a pair or two like this. You'll find this kind of bird raised in the larger commercial breeding facilities in Florida and California. Stay away from their birds because most babies have been incubator hatched so they can have the hens back laying more eggs. Commercial breeders are about the money and not necessarily the birds. Their birds may or may not ever be able to breed. Allow yours to get a bit older with 2 years plus being a good age, and try again. If they do the same thing, you will have to find either a whole new pair or a new hen. Also, learn how to handfeed a baby parrot using the handfeeding formula with a syringe. This is a learned skill from heating food correctly to feeding correctly so babies are not aspirated with the formula. You may end up having to hand feed each and every baby these two produce. It's good training anyway because we get no guarantees that parents will know what to do with their young, so be prepared. You can get with a breeder and learn from them by watching and then doing where they can correct any mistakes for you. Valuable training for a working with and breeding birds.

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