My cockatiel, lost his flight feathers

by john

Two weeks ago we had company staying for a week, and he was scared of birds so I had to shut the cockateils door on the cage for that time until he left and every day there was some larger than normal feathers at the bottom, and I didnt pay much attention until I noticed she could not fly because all the flight feathers on one wing were gone, could she had done this because she was deppressed ?

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Aug 05, 2018
Loss of flight feathers
by: Dee

Brodie is my male cockatiel I nicknamed him "Frank" like Frank Sinatra because he sings all the time. He was fine yesterday, today I went to let him out of the cage and give them a snack and he went to the floor. I noticed that he was missing his flight feathers on one side. The sad part is he stopped singing. It also scared me because I didn't know if somebody hurt him or if he hurt himself but reading other people's comments I see that this does happen sometimes. So I want to thank the people that left comments because it has given me peace about it. I will still call the vet but I think he's going to be okay. I can't wait to hear him start singing again.

Jan 29, 2018
What to do
by: Gordon

I recently bought a young male cockatiel as a companion to existing bird, and longtime pal, Sammy. When I brought MILO home from the pet store I noticed his clipped wings, mostly because sammy has full flight. Now they became friends instantly,but when sammy flyes, milo try soooo hard to be like his buddy, and can't it was breaking my hart so built a series of driftwood perches above their cage so they be together, the problem is milo falls off the perches. It's been months Milo's hat been hung here... and still no flight.noticeable growth on wing feathers, but worried falls are effecting progress even though no injuries seem to occur, and he is so eager is be up with Sam he beak climbs an 8ft set of drapes if I'm not there

Jan 14, 2017
Feather re-growth
by: maggie

I can't believe how quickly Joey's primary feathers have grown back- just 4 weeks and everything is back to normal.

Jan 01, 2017
cockatiel wing feather loss
by: maggie

2 weeks now since Joey lost all his primary wing feathers over night
He can't fly very far, and his personalty has been affected,
How long will it take for them to grow back?


Editor's note: Have you asked your avian vet?

Dec 16, 2016
Flight feather loss
by: maggie

My healthy happy 3 year old cockatiel lost all his flight feathers on both wings overnight. It was such a shock as he was perfectly ok at bed time, but the next morning they were all on the floor of the cage.
I have since learned that cockatiels are prone to nightmares, and night frights, so that's probably how the wings were damaged. I now make sure the curtains are drawn and there is a night light left on in the room (they cannot see in the dark) I think they will grow back in time, but his flying ability is severely affected

Jul 02, 2011
RE- loss of flight feathers
by: Claire

Hi John, im by no means an expert but ive had tiels for 13years now and ive experianced this with 2 of mine. I had to have them locked in their cages while we got the house rewired, i have 12 and they went to stay with my mum in their own room at her house. When i was visiting on the 2nd day i noticed 2 of them were moulting badly, Jack just normal body feathers but Joey was losing the big wing feathers. Because they have never been caged i instantly thought it was stress at being locked up and let them all out and they stopped losing the feathers. I think its probably the same cause for your little one and once everything is back to normal im sure they will grow back, my Joey grew his back fine, birds show stress in different ways, losing feathers being one of them unfortunately :)

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