my cockatiel won't be quiet!!!

my cockatiel, jacob, will be 7 years old in may. he has always been attached to me and in turn screamed when not around. however, lately no matter what,i can not get him to be quiet. if im reading, he will just cheep and cheep and cheep. if i leave the room, even when he can see me, he just goes crazy! i don't know what to do anymore. spraying him with a water bottle doesnt work, leaving him alone in my bedroom doesn't work, and niether does covering his cage. the only thing that works most of the time is putting him in my closet where it is dark. and trust me, when he wants to, he screams his head off even while in there. i would never hurt my bird, but this screaming and cheeping all the time is driving me CRAZY!!! i just dont know what to do anymore! any suggestions would be great..thanks, christine.

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May 29, 2018
My cockatiel is toooooo noisy when it saw me ­čśú
by: Anonymous

I am trying to avoid the noise of my bird by ignoring and leave the bird inside the room when it screams. And I come back when it stop screaming. But again it start to scream. I can't even walk around it is being too noisy. Once I spill a glass of water bottle by distracted to the noise. The bird is so lovely when I take it to my hand. It is walking through my shoulder and screams more. I am so sure that it has been eaten well. Do you guys have any suggestions to prevent this screaming?

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Mar 19, 2018
Yes, they do chirp and screach also.
by: Ami d

I have a pair of cockatiels. I am not sure about their genders but sometimes both of them do screach at the top of their voice. Then i do a simple thing. I let them get lil bit calm then go ti their room and asks them why are they screaching. They always do point out whats bothering them. We have two windows in their room. Sometimes it is a crow sitting on next building, sometimes they have hear loud noise of vehicle, someone from building infront of us is in balcony looking at them, some bird is in our balcony etc. There are so many reasons but one thing common screaching from my cockatiels means they are afraid. Once i am there to comfort them they immedietly stops screaching. On a normal day they are not so noisy at all. They do chirp but i love them doing that. It feels so good to hear them chirp. They have a wild bird friend who visits them often. Whenever that bird is around they chirp more than a normal day. They are like my kid. They are expected and allowed to be noisy.

Mar 08, 2018
Train the human, not the bird
by: Birdsaregreat


I know these comments are very old, but many of them are so deeply disturbing, I can't help but respond...even years later.

My oldest cockatiel is 25 years old. He's been with me since he was nine weeks old. I couldn't possibly resent him for being the bird he is. Humans domesticated them, and I am not sure that was one of our finer moments, truth be told. Just look at the comments here. My birdie is so much a part of my life, he moved to the U.S from Canada with me many years ago. Knowing that his days are numbered now because of age, I LOVE every sound he makes that indicates he's still just birding around and enjoying life. I can't help but wonder sometimes, though, if this is the life he wanted. If I look back and say, I gave this bird a good life, that is purely selfish thinking. Of course, I did the best I could do as a human, but that doesn't mean all his needs have been met. In fact, I am sure that they have not been met, as he's never bred or explored/foraged in his natural habitat.

Did he imagine his life would consist of the majority of his time spent in cages, and the rest out playing and being loved on on a human schedule? Probably not. I just wish other bird parents would cut their birds some slack. Yes, they chirp, they instinctively call to their flocks, reduce things to shreds, and poop on everything. The least we can do as their domesticators is give them that much. It's literally all they have left of themselves as birds. If we can't even do that, then maybe it's time to look at new legislation/laws in regards to bird ownership. I am so tired of reading these heartbreaking stories about birds being covered up and shuffled off because they do what birds do.

Family members are not disposable.

Sep 21, 2017
Read this and also scroll down
by: Debbie

Scroll down and see what I did that helped. When you are sitting around or reading, try have your little chirper on your shoulder or lap or let him walk around on the back of the sofa. I laid a bath towel across it and sprinkled some of his favorite food and laid a toy there and that sure got him excited and entertained. When he got bored he started chirping again so whilst I was doing chores I just carried him around. I should have tried to come up with a little bird harness for him so I could carry him around like mom's do their babies so hands are free. It's only my suggestions as I wrote below, that seemed to help.

Sep 21, 2017
by: amylover89

amy she bite my sister in the room and others. im very sad that she bite my family member

Sep 13, 2017
I hear you
by: Anonymous

We ended up giving our Sunni away, he was 5 years old. The noise became unbearable for us all. He had implanted (was in-love with my then-partner, Sunni would kiss the phone if he rang & was on speaker...and when he was IN the room, no one else existed), so while we were away OS, he went to my partners' home & never returned. I visited him a few times...he was still just as noisy. I am hoping wherever he is, he is happy. These birds need constant attention & need to see you in their line of vision. Gorgeous & entertaining, but very loud (the males in particular), not a bird to have on their own. Good luck :-)

Sep 13, 2017
One thing I found that helps
by: Debbie

My Cockatiel I rescued did the same thing, no screaming, just chirping continually. I was going nuts after a few days of this. No change of location in my home helped and nothing I tried worked, except to hold him. It's hard to hold a bird constantly and he was injured so had a bad foot and couldn't balance on my shoulder very well plus got tangled in my long hair so that didn't work well.

Then I got the idea of making him places to sit in every room I was. As long as he was close to me, such as on the bathroom sink when I was doing my face, or at the kitchen sink if I was cooking supper, on my lap if we were watching TV, etc., that seemed to help a lot.

I had just assumed he was spoiled, but guess that's just what they all do. I have 2 Macaws and I would gladly take in another Macaw before I'd rescue another Cockatiel. Cockatiel's are sweet and do have more of a liking to being held and cuddled than these parrots of mine do, but I'd never get another. Just try holding them more and keeping them close to you is all I can say to try as I tried about everything else.

Sep 08, 2017
harsh reality
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you are experiencing this. My little bird Betsey is loud as well. I used to have a jenday conure(my ears were permanently damaged after having this beautiful bird). Years later I decided to get a cockatiel. Thinking oh this will be nothing compared to what I used to have to listen to with my conure. Let me tell you that hearing her squawk is like a button being pushed. I liken it to PTSD. I immediately hated the noise and didn't want to hear it again. I had been reinforced in the past that when those horrible noises began they didn't stop and they just went on and on and got louder. The bird is about 5 months old and a male. Very good at whistling and what not. Can say lots of words and phrases already. I am a high strung individual who whips and zooms around the house. My emotions can be quite erratic as well. Also my sleeping hours are erratic. Here lately we stay up ALL night and sleep all day. So she is now not getting any sunlight. I know this is wrong, but I can't change my sleeping habits. It's the nature of mental illness. Right now what i'm going to do to help lessen the squawking is to provide her as much sunlight as I can. I bought a smaller cage so that I can bring her in each room I am in. yes this is a pain in the behind, but I feel so bad buying a pet only to give it away. In the end, give the bird away. don't do like me and make yourself miserable so that you can keep a bird. There is no reason to suffer the fate of being a slave to a bird or any other pet. Give them away and learn your lesson. I'll never buy another bird. EVER. Really and truly they were never meant to live in a cage. It's cruel. Humans keep birds for entertainment, and bird's have to live through jail time for the entirety of their lives so we can be happy. Not fair.

Sep 06, 2017
by: amylover89

My cockatiel she wont stop the nosies i dont know what to do.

Editor's note: It's what they do, you might need to find a home for the bird where they know ahead of time what Cockatiels are like and love them the way they are. I'm sorry that you didn't visit a breeder to see how noisy they can be before bringing one home. Many love the sounds they make. God didn't make them quiet, they love interaction too.

Dec 01, 2015
I have had my cockatiel for 1 year he still does t let me do anything to uim
by: Anonymous

Could some one please help I love ,y cockatiel I always buy him thing and try to play and pet him what can I do??

Editor's note: There are training articles on this site you can use to help you.

Oct 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

my bird "albi" constantly screams then jumps from his perch onto the side of his cage and moves very quickly from one side to the other for hours on end i love my bird but this drives me crazy iv tried talking to him as soon as i walk away he starts again , even sitting wit h him doesn't always work any suggestions

Sep 23, 2015
I was warned
by: Anonymous

Before I got a cockatiel I did a fair bit of research, but stubborn as I am I ignored all the advice and got one anyway. Well in face I have two. The female one is no trouble at all, she never bites, seldom calls for attention but I wouldn't say is particularly attached to me or my husband, though sometimes comes to him for head scratches. The male though is extremely social and really doesn't like it when we put him back in the cage, in fact he often will bite us when it's time to go back in and it can take a while! But he hates it when we leave the room and will call out continuously,, if my husband is at work and I am in another room quietly reading a book or something the calling out will stop, the second he hears something that he thinks is caused by a human (eg a door opening) then he begins again. I do have a couple of tricks up my sleeve though when it gets too much or I think he is stressed. I go in an talk quietly to him, get him to calm down, then go out of the room and shut the door, doesn't even have to be completely shut but it seems to calm him down. When he knows darn well that my husband is home (or can hear his voice) though this doesn't work. So what I sometimes do is darken the room. I can just put the blinds down and that is often enough. This should be a temporary thing though, I don't think the birds should be left too long without natural sunlight. Would I buy a cockatiel again? No way. I love my cockatiel to bits, but they seldom give you rest. I would take them out of their cage all day but I know I couldn't even go to the toilet without the bird wanting to accompany me!

Aug 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, there are annoying birds out there. Some birds can be trained to be less vocal but like many posters have already said, birds will be birds. I now own a male and female pair. Previously I owned a single lutino cockatiel. I'm an attention giver and all my birds have been hand reared at an early age. The random chirps are a tough one even if they continue to do it while with you...very frustrating!!! One thing I found that helped is find locations in your home they fine entertaining. This will of course cause you to do some clean up but cockatiels cannot be on or in their cage all day. My birds have all loved the window seals or fireplaces for example. Easy clean up. Remember that your frustrations could grow to the point where you have an outburst. I have been there with the birds. Never hurt them but throwing stuff at their cage or yelling at them... been there. Not good. It's ok to find a home for them if necessary. Good luck.

Aug 05, 2015
Cockatiel won't be quiet
by: Debbie

Mine (George) has never screamed. It's just a constant chirping that gets annoying as he does it for hours sometimes. The only time he shuts up is when we take him out, hold him, and itch his head and neck that he loves. Then set him down on the sofa on a towel with a few sprinkles of his food he will eat, then ignore him and the chirping starts again. I don't know why he doesn't scream like most mentioned but glad he doesn't do that. His chirps get really loud and excited when someone comes over. They walk over to the cage, he comes to the door and lets them or me pick him up. He's very attention needy I guess as that's about the only time he shuts up. I'll never get another cockatiel! Get a macaw like I have who only screeches like once a day and talks to me when in the mood. :) She picks up things I must say out loud such as "Where are my glasses". Funny when she says that now.

Aug 01, 2015
Partial Solution
by: Anonymous

After trying about everything including water-guns, soothing music, screaming and yelling, covering the cage with a bed sheet, it seems I found a partial solution.

I noticed that when I partially covered the cage with a bed sheet(cover 1/3 from the top), my birds remained fairly quiet. They would only screech when they were on a high perch and could see me eye to eye in the room. By keeping the top of the cage covered the birds can still see who is in the room, but they have to walk on the bottom of the cage to do so.

I also noticed that when I partially covered the cage, my 2 cockatiels kept themselves busy by playing with all of the toys in their cage. When the cage was not covered they seemed to pay too much attention to whoever was in the room and begin to sqwack and make loud often annoying noises.

I just hopes this work because my male cockatiel has taken the habit of screeching very loudly when the sun goes down and he wants to go to sleep.

Apr 13, 2015
Cute but VERY loud
by: Anonymous

Yes, they scream...and yes from what I've seen females versus the males, it's the males on their own that do it. Our Sunni screams when he sees a strange cat, or can hear us and we aren't going into see him fast enough. What drives us crazy and it's our fault, is we taught him to say "come on" with the action that means, come to me....he now repeats it over (and over) to us when he wants attention. Sunni screams when his tea-towel isn't on his cage like a child, that's his blankie....and I agree, you can't cover them during the day that's cruel but once we just had to quieten him down, it didn't work anyway! Sometimes at night in pitch black, covered....we can hear him carrying on!
You are never aware of how loud they can be till you have one, on his own, in your house. We even put a hook up outside so that he gets fresh air, well we had to scrap that, he screamed and carried on, he hated it...and I can just imagine what the neighbours must think....when we go in to the room to shush him (especially if I'm on the phone, because he gets louder)..he screams like a woman (you have to hear it to believe it), goodness knows what people think is going on in our house. These birds really need to see you constantly, but that's not always a healthy option for the family as they poop everywhere. As cute as he is (yellow with the bright red cheeks)..I'd never get another one either and that he has another 15 plus years to live with the possibility of getting louder (as i just read) I'm worried my daughter is going to leave him with me!!!!!!

Apr 13, 2015
by: Debbie

I rescued a cockatiel "George" after it's owner died and nobody wanted it. George has a bum leg so hobbles around. I couldn't figure out after 3 months why he won't stop that chirping so decided to google it and clicked this post that came up. I read a lot of posts and it appears there isn't anything I'm depriving it of so it's chirping just to chirp. They scream? I've never heard George scream so thankful for that as my Macaw "Sophie" screams now and then to wake the dead. That is enough screaming for me!

When I'm home and can't stand it anymore, I put George on my bed and shut the door. The only time I've ever heard him sing was once while in my bedroom. His cage is next to Sophie's who tells him to "shut up" all the time so now I have that problem too. When I'm not around the TV is on a timer to come on so they both can watch some kiddie shows. I keep George covered most of the time and that seems to work and he seems happy then. He has a couple toys, but due to his bum leg I put newspaper on the back side of his cage and put some bird gravel there. He plays with that. Guess he likes the noise it makes when he limps around through it. You might want to try that to see if it might work.

People really need to research tons before choosing a bird. I would have thought since my macaw Sophie and I are best friends for 10 years, I could own a little cockatiel and she'd have some company when I'm gone. OMG was I wrong. I only got George to save his life, and glad I did, but never, never, never would get another cockatiel!!!

Apr 08, 2015
Not a good pet long term
by: Anonymous

Not to sound like a jerk, but cockatiels are not a good pet to own. Why would anyone voluntarily hold themselves hostage in their own home for years? For what, to own a bird?
My bitter resentment of the species has grown to this extreme because the bird does nothing but squawk all day long.
When the bird was younger, it wasn't as much of a problem. It used to talk and sing songs that we taught it and was much more enjoyable to be around.
Now that the bird has reached its early 20's, his behavior has changed. You can give it all the attention in the world, but it remains very loud and boisterous.
I put him in a room and close the door, but can still hear it squawking throughout the house. It is very annoying to wake up to the screeching on days where I want to sleep in.
Spraying it with a water bottle or giving it millet silences it, but it only works for a short time. I can't allow myself to cover it up all day long because I feel like its a form of animal abuse.
One thing that used to work was letting it out of the cage to fly around the house. It would get enough exercise in to tire it out enough to keep it silent for awhile. However, the bird broke its wing about a decade ago, so I no longer have that option.
For the long lifespan that cockatiels live, there are way too many negative qualities to bother owning one. You will force yourself to endure years of frustration.

Editor's note: It is true, that some people should not own birds, because they are not just pretty things to look at. It is also true, that some people adore their cockatiels and even birds that are MUCH louder, and they are the ones that should have birds.

Mar 22, 2015
Very Loud Birds !!!
by: Anonymous

I an certainly understand where you are coming from. I have 2 cockatiels Male and female Brother and sister so you can't really breed them Thank God. My male cockatiel is very loud. He will scream his head off when I go into another room especially the kitchen, but sometimes when I go into the bathroom. The only remedy is to cover the cage with a dark sheet. Preferably one they can't see through. That keeps them relatively quiet, but sometimes they will scream if the hear sounds that resembles a bird call such as a siren or whistle or a horn or beeb. Sometimes I have to turn off the TV for fear of another very loud screaming session. Some people recommend not paying attention to them, but they can put out loud chills during the time you are supposed to be not paying attention to them which can last at least 1/2 hour or even more. I know there are a lot of cockatiel lovers out there, but I have to worry about the neighbors(and my sanity) because those screams go right through the walls where I live. Sometimes my Tiels wills see me getting out of the car outside about 50 feet away and they immediately start to scream ! and I can hear them from 50 feet away while I'm outside. I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to put up with this. Those are wild birds that are extremely hard to tame/train. When I let them out of their cage it takes me hours just trying to get them back in. I purchased a butterfly net but as soon as these birds see the net they yell and scream as if they saw a dinosaur. The good thing is that when they get hungry or thirsty enough, they fly themselves back in the cage but this too requires some prodding. If you try too hard to get them back in the cage they get scared off and will not let you get near them.

now I'm seriously thinking about selling them and replacing them with a quieter bird species,sorry but the novelty has clearly worn off. I can't see myself going another 10-15 years like this. I hope to find a good owner that knows how to raise them.

Editor's note: You might call a good breeder in your area, they may take them and sell them on consignment, and make sure the next owners understand the noise/mess issues with birds before they take them home.

If you decide to keep them, please visit our Parrot Training page for help in training your bird.

Jul 28, 2013
my cockateil bird calling out for my daughter!!
by: sharaAnonymous

Our pet bird name is .he is a very active male bird, he has been with us for only four months, but he calls out to my daughter as "baby girl" you see we call our daughter as baby, but we did not teach our bird to call her such. he called out to her on his own.....when we want to take him out of his cage, he would want us to stroke his head first, only then he would come out...i am e one who feeds him, change his cage papers, but he is more attached to our daughter!which is good..he boy boy would scream his head off if he does not see me around, even for a mint. and at times, he does not stop his whistlin., even though we tell him to stop.i love my baby bird very much, but how do i teach him to talk, pls help?

Feb 08, 2013
Tame or not to tame Mopsy..... 7/2/12
by: Anonymous

Dear Mopsy...... even the most tame bird can be temperamental. One minute ours has his eyeball pressed up against my lips making kissing noises, the next he's biting my cheeks if a noise scared him (like he blames me!).

I would never say "never" but generally, if they've not been hand reared, it's a bit difficult for them to warm to you.....I'd say just persist with routine.

The screeching......won't stop, but the reason why may change. They get separation anxiety...but at the moment, if the bird is screeching when you go (he or she) is possibly scared.

The feather pulling could be boredom, loneliness or mites! You can get mite drops and I'd even recommend some vitamin drops or powder for the water. For loneliness...get a little radio and put it on to a station that has talking. If you get another bird, you may never bond.

The ones that come out of the cage are generally the ones that were reared to do so....I laugh because I let ours out (just for some peace) and I go back into the room (he's hung up in our laundry near the back door so he can see outside)...he's put himself away and is quiet.

Covering them during the day some say to do it...but ours is not quiet when we do that..he KNOWS when it's day time.....they don't just rely on the dark..they have excellent a child, if the house is noisy....they want to be part of the action (which isn't always desirable for birds...they poop!!!).

Our bird calls out to other birds, to the cat (was saying "puss puss puss" for a while), to dogs that bark. He says "come on" to us when he can hear us and we're ignoring him....when he gets frustrated with being alone he calls out my name and says "what are you doing"...he has an almost angry one-off screech when we sneeze and if he hears my son on his Apple Mac he copies the sound of the volume button being pressed....he is one odd bird..very amusing and at the moment, lovely and quiet......and no matter what anyone says, they do respond to a stern voice...ours knows when he's too loud if I say "Sunni enough"!

It's all in the tone! Sincere and stern...loving & softer when they are being good.


Feb 07, 2013
Need help
by: Mopsy

Hi All, I recently bought a cockatiel from a pet store and he is not tamed at all first week he was just quite not eating much and not moving too, but after one week he started eating normally and then he started walking up and down in the cage and started playing with his toys.
How to solve the problems that i have with him:

1- Hes not coming out of his cage at all ( i left the cage door open for more than 1 hour and went away from the room X7 days)

2 Hes not eating from my hand no matter i give him anything even i tried giving him food from out of the cage no hope :(

3 Hes screaming too much when i go near him hes quite soon as i leave the room he starts screaming

4: These days he is just picking his feathers.

Basically hes not tamed and you cannot play with him or he will not come near you it has been a month now that i got him. only thing he dose is scream and scream thats all.

Help please!!!

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Jan 15, 2013
by: BernieTheCockatiel

My cockatiel is about 3 years old but I've only had him for 1. In this year I've trained him a bit even though he still bites. But in order to get some peace and quiet out of him I've taught him that when he's covered it's bed time.

I did this by covering him and saying SHHH It's bed time at night and it took him about a month to catch on. I put a black blanket over him so that he knows when his cage is dark it's time to be quiet. Now I can cover him with his black blanket and darken his cage and he'll be for the most part quiet. Every now and then he'll chirp a bit or screech but only when he hears a new voice or someone coughs.

Dec 06, 2012
Human Bird
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comments...if the response was to our Sunni...then there is a few things.....

He's like a child...not text book at all.

He squawks and carries on even IF he is with one of us and someone walks away.

He hated toys, he is scared of anything too bright or round.

He gets fresh food all the time....refuses to eat vegetables...plays with his peas.

He has a radio on to keep him company, sometimes this works...but heaven help us all when a song comes on with whistling in it!

He is in LOVE with towels, bathrobes, pillow cases & tea towels...he almost bows down to them, it's rather funny......and he likes being on anyone's foot if they have socks on.

The problem with him being he's not content to just play...he wants to be ON someone ALL the time and I understand their poop isn't big...but I'd like my home to be human-healthy and not have bird poop all over the place.

Some days he's a gem.....and some days there is just no quietening him's those days, that no one warned us about.

Dec 06, 2012
To help you.
by: Anonymous

When you are out of the room. when he starts to make noise. Say i am here. most birds will think when you leave the room you do not exsist any more. also dose your bird have any toys. He could be very bord and wanting your attention. You could also play relaxing music. this helps them calm down. Also is your bird tame? You should try taking your bird out the same time everday. that way he dose not think he will not be taken out of his cage.

Nov 05, 2012
Our Sunni
by: Anonymous

Hello all, I think these birds are like children..there is no right way (or simply..its not text book). Our Sunni isnt content to sit on our knee or our shoulder...he is still a toddler & is bored easily. The only time he stays put is if its a bit dark (Ive worked out why he hisses & bites at night..he is afraid of the dark).

There is no answer to keeping him quiet, I talk in my quiet voice to him in the hope he will calm down and he screams more to be let out to roam and be with me, which is all very nice but working with the fear of poop at any given spot & bite marks on your client's papers isn't desirable.

Sunni needs constant occupation..we tried to mix him with other birds on 'play dates' but he just isnt interested in other birds.

So to those that say "cover him" during the day to keep him quiet, it isnt the way to go and to those that say its cruel..well spend half an hour with him while trying to talk to a client..its frustrating because even if I talk to him quietly he wont calm down (he is nosy and wants to see who is there, which again is not desirable to have a bird out when dealing with clients).....and besides, covering him even at night doesnt keep him quiet.

My neighbour looked after him for a week, he was all cute to her until one night he bit she wont go near him. I wont let him near small children & have to warn people he bites. He wont bite me unless its an accident (aiming for a hand when someone else goes to touch me but he gets my face) & night time (as he cant see properly & is scared).

Very cute, very funny, very cheeky...but needs to see us at all times and sadly this just isnt always possible.

Nov 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

My Parrotlet can be loud too. Especially when she wants attention or decides to scold me for being away for so long. When she starts screaming I start talking in a very quiet voice and softly shush her. After about 20 seconds she quiets down and tries to hear what I'm saying. It's actually a trick that works well on toddlers throwing a tantrum. They're social animals so they want to hear what your saying. Talking quietly means they have to stop shouting so that they can hear you. Plus it sets a good example. I would also try and not punish pets with things that should be a normal part of their routine, like covering their cage or spraying them down. They should be taught to like that and that those are good things, not punishments. That doesn't mean you can't cover their cage when they're loud just don't make it a punishment. Be nice when you put the cover on and nice when you take it off. The whole point of covering them is that birds tend to be calmer when they can't see and calmer birds tend to be not as chatty.

Aug 27, 2012
Sunni a year on
by: Anonymous

A year on and Sunni has truly got no sense of understanding that he is a bird.

Yelling definitely doesn't work, but I wont fib, it's hard not to when you are on the phone talking and he can hear my voice and keeps yelling "come on"...then starts the screeching.

He seems content when his cage is open and he can wander in and out (I can hear him calling out as I type though)...the downside to having a bird who doesn't believe he is a bird is also having an inside cat who is scared of said bird as even the cat doesn't seem to believe Sunni is a bird. The cat goes nuts watching birds in the window but cowers when Sunni is around.....for a while Sunni was calling out "puss puss" to the cat.

So, I worry when the bird is out (the jury is not out yet on which pet I should be worried for) and apart from that....Sunni destroys things, it's dangerous to leave him out too long.

We tried the big playground with the toys...didn't work, he hated his toys and refused to stay on the play ground...UNLESS it was up against a mirror....then he'd argue and carry on with the 'bird' in the mirror. *sigh*

And's beneath him (apart from seed) to place food in front of him...unless he sees US eating it, he won't touch it. And veggies...he's like a little child, will only nibble on them as a last resort. And like a child, he can hear the sound of a human eating 'crackers' in another room and will fly to find the crackers. But if we eat veggies....boring!

He has become more noisy in time....I was contemplating getting him a mate but I was warned that if he's bonded with a human, he may not take kindly to another bird being around.....and the risk of double the noise is too much to bear!

Sunni has decided that being covered up even at night isn't going to stop him screeching out....he hisses at the cover, bites anyone that puts their hand near the cage at night (I was silly enough to change his water one night and he lunged at my hand). He has a angry screech when we sneeze or cough and we know there's sirens before we can actually hear them because he arks up....and the minute it's daylight (covered or not) he starts up.

My advise to anyone who is thinking about getting one of these birds is to know up front exactly what you are in for (we weren't warned and didn't read up enough); consider your neighbours; consider your furniture; but most important...only get one IF you agree to spend as much time with the bird as possible. They are not like budgies, happy to sit and chirp all day.

They are gorgeous and friendly (when they want to be and to whom they choose to be friendly to) but they are smart birds and don't take kindly to being left alone like most other small birds.

Aug 27, 2012
It takes time, like training a dog...
by: Anonymous

I have had cockatiels for a while now and love them. My current tiel is a 2 year old white female. She makes different noises, small cute chirpy noises when she is feeling ready to mate. Theres no particular hamr although i wouldnt encourage this as she may be encouraged to lay eggs. The high pitched screetch is basically a cry for attention. A bird needs lots of attention and believe they are the same as you unless you have more than one. If you leave the room they feel alone or neglected and so can cause the high pitched screetch. Try to put them on your knee while you watch tv, i find my tiel will setle fast and sleep while i watch tv. I sit with her right next to me on the remot control (which she loves to sit on) while i do work. She feels content to be right next to me. Also cut up fresh vegs etc and put infront if her, or toys can help to distract them and entertain for a while to stop the screetching. Like a dog which can be noisey and mischeivious a bid needs training, try looking on the net for tips however when the bird is quiet give him/her treats, then dont when she/he is loud -you have to be patient to own a tiel and it does take time to train them but really is worth the while if you do. Music as some others have said can help and I wouldnt cover the cage unless it is night as it can cause confusion for your birds routine. Do you have a floor branched perch which you could put by a window? this can be a good way to keep the bird occupied. otherwise getting it a friend (although the same or similar breed to avoid bullying, larger birds can harm smaller ones).
Birds dont really understand shouting so lots of attention and millet to treat when good then pop them back on cage when they start getting roudy - birds can learn just as dogs do, soon they will understand treats and affection come with a certain behaviour... good luck

Jul 22, 2011
More tips
by: Sunni's other mum

Hi all, I've just read the 22 July comment and I must tell you, we try the 'cover' over him during the day to keep him quiet while I study...but he just sings...we taught him the Darth Vader theme song from Star Wars, the wolf whistle and the 'get your attention' whistle (why, because it was cute when he first started doing it)...his screeching & calling out our names stops but the singing and whistling begins if we cover him. At night he's as good as gold & at most will speak out if he hears a siren or he has a fight with his mirror...but he leaves us in peace.

He's now got sounds for each one of us when we walk into the room he's in. I used to walk in and say "Hello Stinky" (after he'd already learnt to say "Hello Sunni Bird", so now he'll greet me as "Hello Stinky" (my name is only used when he wants to hear where I am). My daughter gets "Come on" because she waves at him then claps her hands and he flies to her (her name is constant all day) and my son, before the hissing & biting starts, gets a kissing sound, but the second he's on my shoulder he goes into guard dog mode and my son can't come near me.

We have since discovered what keeps him happy and stops the screeching.....our bath robes. We did a test yesterday, I wore mine and he could see me, he flew through from the lounge room to my bedroom just to find the robe. I removed the robe and my daughter placed it near his playground and we didn't hear peep from him, he was kissing and singing to the robe.

He also goes incredibly quiet when he climbs into pillow cases..which is sweet & although he to date hasn't done it, I don't like the thought of his droppings in my pillow case!

Strangle little bird....he's in love with my robe!

Jul 22, 2011
Shhhhhh! Please be quiet for awhile
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain. For those of you that know the difference between a chirp and a screech. The high pitched screech is really annoying when it goes on for hours. I put my little guy outside on the porch or out back on the deck in a secure cage. It tends to quiet him up, and if he does screech, I don't hear it as much. I also cover him in a quiet room by himself and he tends to be quiet. This is something I have always done at night so he sleeps undisturbed. Thank god it works for me.

Jun 06, 2011
You know but you don't think...
by: Ibu

Hi all, I bought a Cockatiel for my daughter's b/day a year ago..we love our Sunni Bird, he sings, he talks...but he's just started screeching (I liken it to a 2 year old tantrum).

Yes, he IS driving me nuts...he thinks my dauther and I are his 'kin' (he hisses & bites my son)...when he's on our shoulder he's quiet but still cheeky. However...I'm also studying like one of the posts above was (I didn't think those comments were that bad) is VERY difficult to have to remain home and study with a screeching bird in the background (upset because he's not getting 100% attention).

We were advised to use the spray bottle....doesn't work, he LOVES water, trying to use a stern tone (like you would for a child) doesn't work, sedning my son in to quieten him..doesn't work.....he yells out our names and calls out "what are you doing?" fault for walking into the room one day & exclaiming that as I caught him destoying my blinds!

Covering him doesn't work, he hates the dark (other than at night he knows it IS bedtime).....putting on music is just about the only thing I can agree with (other than having him on our shoulders, which isn't the healthiest thing to do indoors) answer...CLASSICAL MUSIC.

Mine is outside at the moment and after an hour of carry-on...he's just gone quiet. I'm sure my neighbours must be loving it, not.

One set of neighours have Cockatiels and they are never this loud...I think by hand rearing ours from 5 weeks old, he doesn't think he's a bird!!!

But when he kisses and says "Kiss kiss" he's cute and all the noise is forgiven!

Mar 05, 2011
Birds drive everyone crazy
by: Anonymous

I have two birds a they drive us crazy! We Found out that when we put music on it helps a little. Or they want food.

Feb 22, 2011
Jerry, my Little Boy!
by: Big Island Guy

Jerry, my cockatiel, is 10 years old. My Grandmother lived with me for a year. During that time Grandma taught Jerry to say Daddy. Now I hear
DADDY! 50-100 times a day! I have found that since I live in Hawaii, I can put Jerrys cage outside. He loves it. I have also found that a small radio playing soft rock, at a low level has helped. G/D forbid though when they go to commercial. It's then back to DADDY!
Good luck everyone, they are a handful, but I love him.

Sep 26, 2010
Fit the person to fit the enviroment
by: Anonymous

I had a cockatiel for 20 years,which recently passed due to a tragic accident -- I was devastated. I wanted to point out the sounds of which cockatiel make. Just like people, birds make different sounds. Some birds are chatty making chrip sounds all day long, some birds are shy, some birds start out chirpy and eventually start to scream high pitch noises. My bird was a screamer. He started out as a chirper for probably the first 12 years of his life. Then the years that followed were sounds of high pitched, ear piercing screams. I had ear plugs in every room of the house. There was very little I could do to stop the screaming. The one thing I found that helped was to show him something new, like a teddy bear, a shoe, a baseball cap, pennies, marbles, etc. Cockatiels are like 2 year old children that will NEVER grow up. Something to distract him from screaming. My bird also liked exploring closets. Leave the door cracked open for light of course, but sometimes, he would spend all day in the closet -- and then would become territorial, which was not good. Anyways, cockatiels are fun companions to say the least. There wasn't a day that went by where I didn't laugh because of it's quirky personality. Will I get another one... maybe one day. I am enjoying peace and quiet for now.

Jun 09, 2010
my bird drives me crazy
by: Anonymous

my bird drives me crazy chirp chirp chirp the only place he will be quiet is in the pantry i left the door open one day and he flew in because hes never caged and i couldnt find cause he sits in there and tears up every thing bread,cereal boxes and all sorts of stuff im lucky iv got a place he can go to leave me alone

Mar 25, 2010
Cockatiel owner (mom)
by: Neilia

The chirping of a cockatiel is a way of saying..'so glad to be with make me so happy' It is normal for this type of bird to chirp its little head off when in a happy state. My little guy, 'Pretty-Bird', will only scream when he feels like he will be abandoned or if a part of his human 'flock' is not with him. We have trigger words such as; 'all's well' when we are in other rooms and he wants to know where we are...if that doesn't work, whistling does. Do you allow your cockatiel to eat with you? Give him his own dish with the appropriate 'yes' human foods and your bird will want to please you even more. There are plenty of good online sites that will tell you what is good for your bird and what will make it sick. Anyway, cockatiels are a handful...but what a joyful bundle of feathers and fluff they are!

Feb 01, 2010
I know how it feels!!!
by: Jessica

My cockatiel ALWAYS has to be with me and wont let me leave her site! If I leave her in my room alone, she'll chirp and chirp and chirp until I come back! And sometimes she'll even chirp when shes on my shoulder! if I let someone els hold her, she'll go crazy and fly around to try to find me! I NEED ANSWERS! PLEASE!

Editor's note: You need to post your question as a new question under Parrot Questions for people to see it. You answered another person's question instead of posting your own question.

Feb 01, 2010
by: alvin

my bird alvin has only been here for 2 weeks and it wont shut up it eek eek eek.

Nov 08, 2009
My Cockatiel Won't Be Quiet
by: Anonymous

Although I agree with all the post, it still amaze me that everyone "who I take it is a Bird Lover" but none the less no one offered a humane or bird friendly suggestion to his question aside from the "well birds are naturally chirpy creatures> I think he knows that, oh by the way I don't have an answer to the question other than I dumped my girl and the bird went with her.

Oct 09, 2009
when a cockatiel makes noise
by: Danijela

My cockatiel is only loud when the tv is on, during the day when he hears other birds and sometimes when he is lonly. My bird knows when I turn of the light that it's time to sleep. If i dont want him to make noise i simply turn the tv off, because i love him more than tv:).

Mar 27, 2009
My cockatiel won't be quiet!!!
by: Martha

I have my guy 15 years and for the last 4 years he is doing the same thing. It gets so bad sometimes that I actually leave the house. While I was in nursing school I had to go to the library to study! Even as I am writing to you,he is chirping his high pitched chirp in my left ear.I allow his to fly around the room when I am in it and he finds a spot,perches there and chips,chirps,chirps every 3-5 seconds. So it is not because he is caged!I don't spray him...never have.I only cover him at night. He does seam more quiet in certain rooms,when he really gets annoying I just put him in those rooms. Try moving yours around the house. Although I gather you have tried everything already. I sleep during the day because I work the night shift so it is very challenging. I'm sorry I have no answers for you. I just wanted to tell you that I feel for you.I love him and I know you love yours as well but...HE DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! ...and YES,I did know what I was getting when I bought him,but his behavior has changed over the years.

Jul 27, 2008
condescending commenters
by: Anonymous

Please ignore the condescending comments of the person above.

Birds vary in their noise levels, and there's a difference between high-pitched squeals that sound like the bird is upset and regular bird noises.

If you aren't going to be constructive, please refrain from making comments. We're all bird lovers here, and your good fortune not to have a problem bird doesn't make you a better one.


Apr 23, 2008
Noisy Cockatiel
by: Tracie


Rather than re-write what has already been written, please go to our Parrot Training articles and see what you can glean from them.

You can find them by clicking this Parrot Training page link.

It might take some investigation and time, but you can help your bird to make noise appropriately. They will make noise, that is what they are made to do.

You must remember that you are the "bird" in their life. If you were the only human and only birds took care of you, you would wish to communicate to I should think. You also might be lonely and wish for companionship.

Hang in there!

Apr 23, 2008
My Cockatiel won't be quiet!!!
by: Marcia

Jacob is a bird and that's what birds do they chirp and make noise.It sounds to me like he is a happy bird and is only expressing himself.I don't understand why you want him to be quiet all the time.Your techniques that your using spraying with
water,putting in the closet as well as covering aren't the best way to get what you want.It actually considered cruel.I have plenty of birds and I knew what I was getting into when I got them.I don't think you knew what you wanted.If you were looking for a quiet pet why didn't you get one that was known for being quiet?You really
shouldn't expect him to stop doing what comes natural to him.

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