my cockatiels

by anna hall
(mountain city tn)

my female cockatiel laid eggs her and my male sat on them for 30 days and they didnt hatch out what can i give them to fertiles them

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Aug 08, 2009
by: Linda

I must agree with Tracie, and request you do your homework before you try breeding your birds again. Also take a look at WHY you want to breed them. Is it because you think there is money in breeding birds? There is NO money in breeding birds if they are taken care of properly. If a person feeds their birds correctly, if they take birds to vet when needed, if they provide the best possible cages they can afford, if they do everything they can FOR their birds, there will be NO MONEY left when all that is done. You will have happy, healthy birds and NO MONEY!!!!!!

So, please do your homework, read, study, work with a breeder to see how this is supposed to work. Your birds are NOT to blame for this, you are because you have not worked and studied like you should have before you started this venture.

Ask yourself, "Why do I want to breed birds?" If you come up with anything other than, "I want to breed my birds because I love them and want to keep all of them, and swear to put them first and take care of them as if they were my own children", then you should just enjoy the two you have and take the best care of them you possibly can. You will be happy and your birds will also be happy--it is a WIN/WIN situation.


Aug 08, 2009
Cockatiel layed eggs
by: Tracie

You can not do anything to fertilize the eggs, only the male can fertilize them before they are laid. I strongly suggest that you do not provide a nest or nesting material for your birds so that this does NOT happen again.

You need to take the eggs out and throw them away before they break one and eat it. Some birds die from eating the eggs.

If you want to become a breeder, you need to contact an experienced breeder and offer to help them for about 6 months and learn all you can. So many things can go wrong and you could lose both the female and the babies if you do not know what you are doing.

Your birds need to be on an healthy pellet diet like Harrison's also. If your female is not on a good pellet diet, she might have problems with egg binding and could die before you can get her into an avian vet.

All of the above sounds harsh, but that is not how I am writing it. I just want you to understand that it is a serious matter to breed birds.

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