my cockatoo BABY feathers

by tina bryant
(harrison new jersey)

my question is will the feathers on my cocatoos chest and legs grow back?she a lesser sulpher cocatoo

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Apr 14, 2010
my cockatoo BABY feathers
by: Linda

If your bird is in good health and eating organic, high quality pellets, then yes, the feathers will grow back. However, if you are feeding an all seed diet and have not taken bird to be examined by an Avian, then the answer is this is just the beginning of the physical problems your bird will suffer.

Tracie carries several kinds of organic pellets out here, like Harrison's, and find an Avian vet in your driving area so he can be checked over for infections or other physical problems.

Diet is the most important aspect of keeping birds healthy, and you have to start feeding it properly or you are in for one problem after another as the seed diet is a very bad diet, and your bird's feathers, skin and overall health is suffering.

Take him to an Avian Vet immediately and rule out physical causes for this, and then change him over gradually to a nutritious diet. It will take about a year to see changes for the good as birds are slow to come back once they get down with either illness or malnutrition.

Thanks for writing,

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