my cockatoo bit me for no apparent reason

by crystal

I was sitting on the couch when my cockatoo that I've only had a week desides to join me.he was perched on my leg saying hello baby,when my 6 yr. Old daughter sits down and lays her head on my shoulder.well hoppie starts to hiss at her then walks down toward my ankle and begins,what I call a little dance.(standing on one leg then slowly switching from one to the other in rythem and even turning a circle or two.)then he hops over to my other foot and does this rapid drumming with his tongue and beak just before he bit me.only hard enough to pinch but he continues to go after my feet till I completely moved them under the foot rest where he couldent get them.why did he do this and what should I do so it does not happen again?

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Jun 22, 2012
cockatoo biting
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your cockatoo was jealous of your daughter and tried to get you to move her away. This is also the breeding season. I have 6 cockatoos and the breeding season this year never seemed to end.

Hope this helps. My suggestion would be to tell your cockatoo no, and give her/him time out in it's cage or another cage would be better.

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