My cockatoo doesn't want to use his foot.

by Tricia
(Douglasville, GA)


My 2 yr old cockatoo (Dee) had tangled his foot. We were able to get it untangled but his foot was injured. He had a small laceration and it bled some. We did rush him to his vet; awesome vet I might ad - we were given antibiotics and pain killers.

The foot wasn't really healing well, he kept messing with it. We opted to have the vet wrap it. That helped a lot - he was very resourceful in getting around his cage and still took his meds. After a week, the wrap was removed - the foot healed nicely, looks great. Then we noticed (the next day) Dee isn't using his foot. We waited a couple of days, then noticed he is using it - but very minimal.

He will use it to eat, holding foods but when moving from branch to branch, he (at times) will not use it at all. Our vet thinks he may have some pain when using it so we are changing his pain meds for now.

Is this normal for his to baby his foot after an injury? How long should we wait to see if he returns to full use of it? Everything else with Dee has returned to normal, eating great, playing - the normal routine. He is just managing to do everything with no or little use of that foot. He allows us to touch it, he will grab with it but very little.

Just looking for some additional advise on the situation. I love & trust my vet, that is not an issue. He too (my vet) has made some inquiries with his colleges regarding it. Just looking for another opinion.
Thank you

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May 20, 2015
cockatoo with hurt foot
by: Tracie

I will pass this along to Dr B

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