my cockatoo likes to caress my face with his

by jessi

My husband and I adopted a goffin cockatoo about three weeks ago, and the goffin now named rufus likes to grab pieces of my hair and rub it on his body and face. We are curious as to why he does this? He also likes to rub his feet on my face and the stick his tongue out until he touches my lips. Wondering what this is about also? Thank you for your answers

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Feb 27, 2012
Awe (: Congrats on your new feather friend.
by: Hannah S.

When she touches his tongue to your lips he is kissing you. (: Awe. and with the hair ... ? i believe he likes your scent and just feels safe with you. Your hair might feel like the way a security blanket feels to a baby.. makes since ? he adores you!

Feb 27, 2012
my cockatoo likes to caress my face with his
by: Linda

I believe this is called affection and love. I also strongly recommend there be NO mouth kissing with your bird because the human mouth is the filthiest game in town, and your bird can get sick. The other consideration is that it gives the bird a perfect place from which to act out in anger, fear or whatever aggressive emotion rules at the moment, and parrots can inflict some very painful and serious injuries to people who have not done their homework about parrot behavior and handling.This includes even the most seemingly docile parrot who has been hand raised by humans. Parrots are wild and hopefully will never be domesticated to the point where their wild natures disappear as that would be truly sad.

The little Goffin is showing you affection, and if allowed too many liberties can also come from an aggressive position at some point, and you will be seriously hurt.

Take some time to back up a bit, do some reading and study about parrot behavior in general and about the Cockatoos specifically. You will then be better educated in the art of understanding parrot behavior, the good and the bad. All parrots are exotic wild animals who sometimes react in very unpredictable ways, so always respect that about them, and both you and your bird will be safe. Books on caring for birds

This little bird is giving you a gift, so please honor him as he is very innocent and obviously has never known abuse of any kind. New birds are normally not this loving, so be thankful for his affection and show him everyday you can be trusted with this very special gift.

Thanks for writing and hope everything continues to be as blissful as it is now.


Feb 27, 2012
Goffin cockatoo
by: diamondtia

These are signs of the little one showing you love. Not sure if you know or not, but please be careful with letting the goffin near your mouth, as human saliva is toxic to a parrot. I have 5 goffins, so I know these little guys can be real loveable. They can also bite without notice, lol. Could have donated to the Red cross before. but I love them more than life itself.

Your goffin sure is a cutie.

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