my cockerteil does not like a large cage .

by carol curtis

why does my cockerteil prefer a small cage to a nice large one ,he seems frightend in the big one ,he comes out regular so will he be ok in his small cage ?

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Jul 22, 2011
by: carol

,thanks for your reply linda,the first thing i do is change those horrible perches that comes with the cages,i always put natural ones in ,people that make these cages have no idea about how birds tick,i have sweep in a proper cockerteil cage ,well i say in but the door is always open ,so he just goes in and out when he feels like it,anyway thanks again,carol.

Jul 21, 2011
my cockerteil does not like a large cage
by: Linda

It takes birds a while to get to a new cage. It also sounds like the old cage was way too small causing something called being "cage bound". Birds kept in too small cages are not comfortable in larger cages because they have become used to being in a squeeze cage and are fearful of a larger cage.

Also, the new cage has to be made specifically for a bird the size of your Cockatiel. The bar spacing has to be correct as does the size and placement of perches and food and water cups. Make sure the new cage is made to house Cockatiels and other birds close to that size. If cage bars are too far apart, bird will have problems climbing around. If perches are too large, bird will have problems holding onto them. If cups are too large, birds will have problems with that too.

If your cage was made for a Cockatiel size bird, then you'll need to add safe natural wood branch perches and get rid of the dowel rods as they cause foot sores and arthritis in the feet and legs.

After you know you have the correct cage design and accessories, keep working with your bird. He will eventually become used to the new cage. Do not put him back into the very small one because it is the source of the problems here.

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