my cocki has stopped talking

can you tell me what could be wrong with my cockatiel, we have had it since a baby so its about 8 months old he was very chatty and said preetty boy, yr a gerk, hello micki no worries and sang a few songs, for about 2 weeks now he has stopped talking and only cherps, why is this could it be ill or lonely? he comes up to the cage when we talk to him, but also now he tries to bit us?

plesae help as we want our micki back talking

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Oct 01, 2010
my cocki has stopped talking
by: Linda

Your bird is sick, and the only way to get him well is to take him to an Avian(bird vet) in your driving area. Anytime you see changes in behavior like this, the bird is ill and has to be taken to a bird doctor.

Your bird will die from whatever infection he has if he is not diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet. The time you have wasted on writing to us here is time that may mean life or death to a sick bird, so do not delay getting him the medical services he needs right away.

There is a link on this site for help in finding an Avian Vet if you don't know where one is. Find an Avian Vet Fact is, when anyone brings home a bird, they need to have an Avian Vet check them out within the first week because most birds from pet stores are sick already and become worse with time. This is for many reasons, one of which is bird mill breeders who never take any of their birds to Avian Vet and sell them sick. Lots of these birds die before they are sold, and the ones who lived with them are infected with whatever they had as bacterial and viral infections are highly contageous.

Please get your bird taken care of and don't wait this long again because your bird may die if it has not already.


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