My Conure Biting

by Rebecca
(Palm Bay, FL)

Several months ago, my Conure, Mocha, bit me hard for no reason. I lightly smacked him out of reflex and now he bites me consistently. About 10 minutes ago, he flew to me and bit the side of my face, drawing blood. Yesterday when I had him on my shoulder, he bit my upper lip badly. He constantly screams and I can't stand it any longer.

A woman who sells lots and lots of different birds from her "shop" at the flea market, opened only on Fri, Sat, and Sundays, says she'll take him and keep him as a pet. She will not "get rid" of him. She will take him home during the week.

I've had Mocha since he was 10 weeks old...he is now 4 years. I no longer get pleasure from him. I think I dislike him more than love him. Should I give him to this lady who knows Conures and the noise?

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Feb 12, 2008
Conures Biting
by: Liz

Hi Rebecca.

I've owned three different types of conures at this point and I can tell you that it is true, trust can be rebuilt. Some birds when they are on your shoulder cannot handle the power trip....they may feel they are dominant over you and therefore will lash out at you and react to you how they would another bird. Many experts say birds should not go on shoulders because of this problem.

If he is screaming constantly, he is trying to tell you may not notice a change, but there may have been some change either with you or the environment that he is reacting to. If he bites you, try blowing gently in his face instead. That gets the point across much like a slap, but without the serious consequences.

If you give him to this woman, who may or may not really know anything about birds in general, it will start the bird down the long path of never feeling really at home or being able to trust anyone.

Try giving it another shot with him....try "up up" exercises with him using your hand to hand, or perch to hand. let him know in a gentle patient manner that you are the dominant one, but that you still love him.

Conures can be very frustrating at times, but through it all they are definitely worth it.

Please let me know if I can help you. Good luck!

Feb 12, 2008
conure biting
by: Vicki

Under no circumstances should you "give" this bird to the flea market woman. She may promise one thing, however, once she has the bird anything could happen. She may even turn around and abuse the bird consistently - which is much worse than your one little smack. Feelings come and go - he's feeling bad about you just like you feel bad about him. However, you CAN repair the damage to trust with your bird. However, remember birds are nothing like dogs who seek approval and worship the ground we walk on, and they have LONG memories! It will take time. It will take LOTS of patience. Go back to the basics - if you don't like the behavior, ignore him. Turn your back and walk away. When he speaks, mumbles, or whistles quietly - return to him and praise him with words. Eventually, you can step that up to giving treats, too. He obviously needs to earn your trust, too. He considers himself an equal - not submissive to you, however, you CAN be the leader and earn his respect. Only you can decide if you have the time and the patience to find that bird you once loved buried in those feathers somewhere...

Feb 01, 2008
My conure biting
by: Win

Hi Rebecca.
1st off you lost the trust of your parrot by hitting him, even if lightly. You can rebuild trust if you want to and work on it. But please never hit him again. If you are going to lose your patience. Then please give him to a rescue not the lady in question. A flea market is not a 'shop'. And if she sells 'lots and lots of birds' she is not a very reliable person, in my opinion.

I would start by taming him down. Get his wings clipped so that he cannot fly! Do not let him on your shoulder since he is biting. Keep talking soothingly to him, read to him, give him his favorite treat. If he tries to bite. Tell him gently 'no bite' and walk away from him. When he is good praise him and give him the treat.
Just be patient and take it slow with him.

Jan 02, 2008
Conure Biting
by: Tracie

Hello Rebecca,

If you would like to take the time to re-establish a good relationship with your Conure, I believe it can be done.

If you feel like you do not have time to heal the relationship, then it might be best for you to find a new loving home for the Conure.

Because I don't know the lady you are talking about, I can not say if that is the best place to re-home your bird or not.

If I were you, I would want to go to the lady's house and see how she cares for her birds. Also, how does she handle her birds? Is she sweet or rough? I think you get the idea.

Please do not hit your bird, even on accident. They have hollow bones that easily break to our strong hands.

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