My Conure Chewed the Paint off the Wall!

by Stephani
(Becker, Minnesota)

Will she be okay? I heard some gnawing so I go over there and she has chewed up the side of the wall! She is acting fine. The wall isn't drywall it is actually mobile home wall paneling with wallpaper that was painted over. I don't know if she just chewed it or ate it? Is there anything I should watch for?

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Sep 24, 2010
My Conure Chewed the Paint off the Wall!
by: Linda

Yes, you can watch for signs of poisoning, and then you'll have to race to the Avian Vet and still probably lose your bird. I'd take bird in to Avian vet right now...

Please do not allow your bird access to dangerous materials like this in the future. Latex paint is fairly non-toxic when dry and cured, but the paneling is basically a highly toxic chemical mixture with little or no wood in it, and will poison birds or other animals who chew and eat it.

Please keep your bird safe from being able to chew on things in the house, and do not allow him to fly freely around. Take him to Avian Vet and have the 6 long Primary wing feathers at the bottom end of the wings trimmed. Do not trim up any higher as this cripples birds and they stay in constant pain.

So watch for signs of poisoning like seizures, unsteady gate, head shaking or jerking. It would not hurt to go ahead and take him to an Avian Vet as soon as possible in case he ate this poison.


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