my conure does not like me anymore and is real aggresive..

by aisha morris
(victor harbor SA)

iv had my conure 2months now he is about 6months old. I have been doing everything right, he loved me to starrt off with but tryed to bite my family if they came near me and now he is biting me so hard and wont let go. i cant get him out the cage and it find to hard to change food and water beacause he is to busy trying to attack me. :(

id love to know how to make him have my trust again asap because i dont want him to have hate for me for the rest of his life. please help me.. i was hoping he'd get over but its been two weeks now i rekon. i got told he could be angry cos he was thinking i was his mate but because i didnt mate with him he got over me but i wasnt too sure about that thankyou ...... AISHA

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Sep 04, 2016
Pete the devil
by: Anonymous

Hi my little conure Pete will be one on the 4th of September. He's a great little guy but recently he won't step up and won't come near me when he's out the cage? I'm having to catch him using a towel and I'm scared this is stressing him out!! But at the same time I don't want to keep him locked in his cage! He used to love my little girl but now he try's to attack her when ever she comes near me, she litteraly only needs to step into a room and he full blown attacks her! And b4 he stopped coming near me we think he used to try and mate with my hand!! 🙊🙈 well we think that's what he was doing he'd all fluff up and try and grab ahold of my finger, start shaking his bum! 😂 With all of this happening, now not even coming near me it's becoming abit if a challenge he seems to be really confused about a lot of things, I don't know what to do, any ideas?

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Feb 15, 2015
My conure doen't like me any more
by: Anonymous

I have conure and he used to be very friendly and loving bird with me most of the the time I had him since 4 years and he was 5 months Since I owned him.
He was very friendly and easy to train until one incident happened one day when I was cooking he went inside a pan was on the stove was filled with cooking oil.
Not the hot oil I was cooking the other pan.
I paneked so much I went I took the bird to give him a bath with dish washing detergent, the bird was very oily I tried to dry him with a towel and with the hair drayer but the bird almost we thought will not survive 98%
With the lots of prayer and thank God the bird is a live..
And now I can't touch her no more he hates me very much
Today I wanted to kiss him and he bit my lips and did not want to leave it and he was on my face I was so scared and it hurt so much..
Do you think the bird will never forget that , is he going to be friendly like before ?
This accident happened about 8 moths a go.

Please advice.

Nov 23, 2011
birdie birdie
by: jolie

my bird is cute. when try to pick him up, and he doesn't step up, i scoop him under his feet with my finger. here's a idea when ever he bites say no. my bird is named cocoa like hot cocoa. bye!

Oct 11, 2011
my conure does not like me anymore and is real aggresive..
by: Linda

Your bird is not tame, and you'll have to do the taming and then training. There are some materials on this site about all that, and you need to look at them and then go out on internet for more training information of you need it.

Before any training, you need to have your bird examined by an Avian Vet in your area. If birds have any kind of infections, and most new birds do, they won't feel like doing anything, so make sure he's given a clean bill of health or meds to cure his infection before proceeding with taming and training.

Use a perch to get him out of cage for now if he will step up. If not, then you'll have to train him to step up using a wooden perch.

As for being bit, you will always get bit at some time or another because parrots are exotic wild animals, and are unpredictable and can bite anytime or anywhere. You also need a cage with the swivel out feed and water cups so you don't hve to go into cage to get them. Once bird is tame, this won't be a problem, and for now, it will continue to be a problem.

When bird bites you, do NOT jerk back as you'll have to control this reaction or get hurt worse than if you stayed steady and did not jerk back. Gently move toward the bird, and the bird will usually let go. Jerk back, and the bite will end up tearing your skin and making a worse wound.

Thanks for writing, and good luck,

Oct 10, 2011
Aggressive conure
by: Anonymous

Hi Aisha:

Your little friend is going through 'growing pains' . . . my friend's conure did the same thing for a while. You will have to be very, very, very patient with him until he settles down. Remember, he is still a young bird just learning his world which changed when he came to live with you! He sounds like he is a bit scared right now. It took well over a month, but I bribed my own concure until he realized I was one of the good guys and found biting walnut pieces was much more rewarding than my fingers. Now he sqawks each time I come near and scurries to his perch to say hello. And yes, every once in a while he will try for the finger just to let me know who is boss!

This site has many wonderful training tips as well as what is good to feed your bird. Check it out and you will learn a lot about parrots and how to train and work with them (I know I did because up until a year ago I'd never had a bird -- much less a parrot!)

Also, if you haven't done so yet, have your little guy checked out by an avian vet. Always a good thing to know that he is healthy.

Hang in there! Conures can be 'testy' but they also make wonderful pets.

Good luck!

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