My conure has s dislocated hip

Conure has a dislocated right hip due to mishandling by previous vet
Took her to exotic specialist on Saturday where she had X-rays showing dislocation
But head vet said surgery wasn't an option as she is too tiny
They also say that bandage isn't an option as the head of the femur is out of the docket even after manipulation under anaesthetic
I've read that some vets do in fact bandage
What is your opinion

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May 11, 2016
Sun counre
by: Graceann

I got a sun counre off people just trying to sell didnt care about bird at all took to vet xray done her leg when walking is side ways but favors foot can hold cage but is having a hard time x rays showed leg fine alittle thing on hip was giving a vit D shot but sill having a hard time im going though the same thing i feel bad myself with no answers

May 09, 2015
Conure with a dislocated right hip
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your reply
But the exotic specialist said there is nothing they can do
The head of the femur is out of the socket and she is to small to operate on
I am reporting the vet to RCVS

May 09, 2015
Conure with dislocated hip
by: The Avian Vet

Surgery is an option but not in all cases. I would need to examine and take my own x-rays.

Dr B

Apr 24, 2015
Bird with hip fracture
by: Tracie

I will send this on to Dr B to answer, but know that he has been slow in answering due to his teaching schedule and active practice.

Also, I took the liberty to fix some of your language/spelling errors, as what you wrote didn't make sense. Please check to make sure I retyped things they way you meant to say them.

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