My conure is afraid

by Catt

My conure is afraid of seeing out the window - a car goes past, a shadow of a plane, a bird, a dog, anything and he freaks out and screams. He will also not eat nor groom nor listen to me nor want to play with me if he can see the window. Why?

There's a window in every room in my house, must I keep the curtains closed now? I've actually tried that and it doesn't help - if he hears the trucks (especially the garbage trucks once a week) he still freaks. This is aside from excessive screaming throughout the day, screaming the second I'm not in his field of view, or when the phone rings, or when the car pulls up in the drive way.

I've tried several of the typically suggested techniques to get him to calm down and calm his screaming diligently, but nothing has worked. He's a delight in my arms, but he can't stick to me like velcro, please help!! (He's 8 years old and he's always been like this - gets lots of attention, daylight, toys, good food.)

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Aug 03, 2010
My conure is afraid
by: Linda

Dear Catt, please take your bird to be examined by an Avian Vet to rule out physical causes. His inner ears could be full of fluid which is causing noises to be distorted and scary. He is exhibiting all the signs of a bird who is sick with something and has been for a while. Have the Avian Vet do a throat swab to check for bacterial infections as the anal swabs are next to useless since there is always bacteria there. Also have him do tests for Viral infections plus basic bloodwork to see if any abnormalities show up in kidneys, liver, thyroid or parathryoid. The CBC will show an elevated white blood cell count if there is a systemic infection going on.

You have to have him thoroughly examined by Avian Vet to rule out physical causes for this. I've never heard of a well bird acting like this over some noise outside. If he has always been with you and always protected, the only explanation is something physical with an infection, problems with eyes or ears.

Let us know what the Avian vet has to say. Oh, one more thing, the constant screaming is also an indication of a physical problem. Sounds like he has been severely traumatized sometime in the past or he is simply sick. Birds cover their illnesses until they get so bad the bird is dangerously ill. They keep eating until they stop. Birds cover illness and injury because in the wild a sick or injured bird is a dead one, so this is part of their physical makeup.


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