My Conure is giving me the cold shoulder

by Nina
(San Francisco, CA)

Ever since I came back from a 4 day trip, he doesn't want to get close to me. He sits on everyone else's shoulder but mine. He doesn't scream or try to bite me. He is just not responsive and he is making me jealous.

He is breaking my heart. What should I do?

While I was gone, my roommate took care of him for one day and my ex for the other 3 days.

He looks almost scared, but he puffs his head feather as he is happy.

Please help!



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Mar 06, 2008
cold shoulder
by: Anonymous

He could be scared of you if your appearance changed while you were gone. My conure won't come to my husband when he is wearing a hat.
Another possibility is that he could be mad at you for leaving him. When my conure was a baby (about 6 months old), I left for a week vacation. When I came back he was very angry and gave me the cold shoulder for a whole day. Eventually he forgave me. (Some treats helped.)

Jan 16, 2008
Cold shoulder
by: Anonymous

Go to your Conure and tell him you are sorry you had to leave him and that you love him very much. They are much smarter than we think.

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