my conure used to be sweet but has been aggressive lately

by jennifer
(ft lauderdale florida)

my green cheek conure used to be so sweet and cuddly but for the past week im scared to even get near him. he has bitten me several times and when he bites down he wont let go, he grinds his beak until he breaks the skin and draws blood! i get near the cage and he trys to attack me...i dont know what to do. what happened to my sweet little bird and what should i do? im afraid he will become more aggressive and mean the longer i dont handle him but i dont want to get bit anymore. can you help me?

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Jan 21, 2017
conure aggression
by: Cat

I think our male conure goes through hormonal spurts and hence the aggression. It is almost always a problem every Nov. - Jan. Just a guess though. But getting tired of his attacking me when I am not even near him. I can go to pick something up and he will fly across the room to bite me or the item. We are thinking of finding a family that has a female for him. We have an avian vet, he is in good health. The only thing we did do was give him food with sunflower seeds in it. We stopped it after we were told that sunflower seeds can make them moody. Not sure if true, but his aggression is not as frequent.

Jan 20, 2017
Mike the conure
by: Shirley

I have had mike for 2years now. Able to ride on my shoulder give kisses dance and all the fun things. But now he is coming at me. Biting. Ripped my lip until blood was everywhere. This is not his normal self. What happened

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Jan 20, 2017
Mike the conure
by: Shirley

I have had mike for 2years now. Able to ride on my shoulder give kisses dance and all the fun things. But now he is coming at me. Biting. Ripped my lip until blood was everywhere. This is not his normal self. What happened

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Dec 12, 2016
18 year old male conure, turning aggressive
by: Cat

Hi, hoping for help. Our male conure goes through periods of aggression. Had him out today and I was going through a paperwork and he attacked me. Put him in his cage and let him out after 30 minutes, was going through my purse, bird attacked me again. A couple of weeks ago, attacked I think because the dish washer was open? Another time because I was using measuring cups. None of these things were triggers in the past. He just goes from sweet to agro, with almost no warning. We have him out and are playing with him for a couple of hours and letting him do his own thing. Don;t know what to do with him. Any advice? We have had him since he was a baby.

Feb 14, 2016
green cheek conure recently aggressive
by: kristie

I have had Petey, my green cheek conure for 6 years ! It just so happens to be February now and he is all the sudden very violent towards me. He has never been this way. He has never bitten me. He's always been my little angel. So anyways recently I'll have him in the laundry room with me and he goes crazy in there getting very territorial while he sits on top of the washing machine pacing back and forth and lunging at me. Two days ago he latched onto my neck first and then my finger he bit me so hard he drew blood. I quickly retracted my hand and he was still attached and I knocked him into the cabinet so hard that it ended up being a visit to the emergency vet office.

He was in shock and had some broken feathers and a concussion but the vet said he will be fine. At the vets office he was very nice to me, letting me cuddle him and kiss him... but today hes back to his angry self. I bought him a huge flight cage to see if that would change his disposition and even though he seems to like it he still tries to attack me.

I moved his other cage in the laundry room today. Every time he wants to come out of his cage he squawks very loudly. It's very shilling so then I've been letting him out to roam free in the laundry room and that is when he becomes evil.

So maybe it's laundry ? Maybe because it's february? I'm not sure ... I just want my little angel petey back so I can cuddle and hold him again. Also I will try to keep him away from my phone because he does attack that too. Thanks, Kristie

Mar 16, 2012
Agressive conure
by: Robin

Couldn't help notice the time of year when these messages are being written. I want through a spate of that just recently. My husband and I were under a lot of stress at our respective jobs, working long hours, fighting to keep up with everything else. My little Nanday conure, who prefers me (not to cast aspirations against my poor husband, its just a bird thing)for no reason at all, would do anything he could to attack my husband, including flying across the room at him. He had to be locked up when we were both in the room. This has since subsided, lasted about two weeks, and now the war is warily over. Just this week he started to over-preen himself. I think it is the start of molting season, so even tho his nature is still sweet and chortling (to me at least) as always, there are little feathers at the bottom of the cage and one larger wing feather that he plucked and carried around the cage like a proud poppa.

It must be Spring in the Midwest and elsewhere. What amazing creatures these are!

Mar 11, 2012
Green Cheeked Conure
by: Sharda

I've noticed that my green cheeked conure does that when I'm stressed out or upset and he's about 2 years old. Also, if I don't spend time with him as much, he bites me a lot. There's a couple things that helped me. I would towel him with a shirt that has my scent and then try to pet him and give him treats. Sometimes singing works and in general spending more time with your pet makes a huge difference. Hope this helps!!

Mar 03, 2012
Aggressive bird
by: Angela

I had the same exact problem with my two year old Quaker. What was once a sweet, loving bird turned into a monster overnight. He bit chunks out of my fingers and hands and would charge at me any time I went near the cage. He spent a day trashing his cage and anything that came near him and would not eat. I was patient and still talked to him but was afraid to handle him because I didn't want to get bit again, it hurts! After about 24 hours he started to become himself again but I was still wary about handling him. Although he is supervised when he is out of the cage I can only conclude that he must have eaten something I didn't know about. I have begun handling him again and he does try to bite once in a while but rather than speaking to him with a human "no" I chirp loudly and he backs off. Good luck with your birdie and if you don't notice an improvement in a couple of days, take him to the vet.

Mar 03, 2012
Conure suddenly aggressive
by: Tracie

You didn't mention how old your bird is or how long you have had the bird, so it is hard to answer this question.

Sudden aggressive behavior is often a sign of illness or something new or toxic in the environment bothering the bird. You may need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird to make sure it is not sick.

If your bird is 6 - 9 months old, then it could be it just grew up and has now decided you are not it's best friend. This happened to me with my conures, one became more aggressive than the other toward me. Hopefully you have someone else in your home the bird DOES prefer, because that person can help the bird accept you again.

If you determine your bird is not sick, or that it has not breathed or chewed something toxic then please read the training articles on our Parrot Training page and make sure you read the "Answer to biting green cheek conure" first.

Also, try to think if you have changed anything in your home or on yourself that might have made the bird angry. Some birds don't like certain smells from perfume, shampoos etc. and if you move the furniture or add a figurine near the cage they may freak out too.

I hope you figure this out and can enjoy your bird again soon. Thanks for caring enough to write and ask instead of just dumping your bird like some people do.

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