My conures have started fighting

by Diane Morrison
(PE, South AFrica)

I have a female Jenday Conure and a male green cheek. they use to be best friends always playing. Now they have started fighting. they will preen each other but then all of sudden the male starts fighting with the female. Can anyone help me and tell me why they doing this and how i can get them to stop fighting?

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Dec 03, 2009
My conures have started fighting
by: Linda

Get second bird into a separate cage immediately. It is difficult to say WHY they have started fighting, but since they have, your only recourse is to separate them. Once birds reach sexual maturity, they sometimes behave like the wild animals they are and always will be. Your birds could be sick as well, so you need to take both of them to an Avian Vet to have them checked out. Sick birds feel bad, and will fight with each other in the beginning stages of a disease or infection. Later on, they are too weak to fight, so take them now to rule out physical reason for the fighting.

You will need to keep them in separate cages maybe from now on. You can allow them out to play together later on and see how they do. ALWAYS BE IN THE ROOM WITH THEM WHEN THEY ARE OUT OF THEIR CAGE. This is true for any birds, anytime. Never assume birds are going to get along because they used to get along.

Let us know what vet had to say about this.


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